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Dinner at Shadowboxer Bar & Kitchen

We enjoyed a standout summer menu at stylish and chic Shadowboxer Bar and Kitchen located in an 1895 restored terrace house with 2-tiered courtyard on Toorak Road, South Yarra. 

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The story goes that new owner Maximilian Eich, a man with a passion for food and wine, was a regular patron of Shadowboxer, and he loved the business so much that he purchased it! Maximilian has had this modern Australian wine bar and kitchen now for 6 months, and has brought an overseas approach. He has enlisted a talented chef who is kicking goals. 
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An oasis in the hustle and bustle Shadowboxer exudes charm and character.
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Shadowboxer features a great drinks list with a plethora of Australian wines and spirits. 
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Staff are friendly and knowledgeable.
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We (David and Mario) enjoyed -
✨Black Manhattan with Gospel Rye Whisky 
✨Paloma cocktail 
✨Spelt Flatbread with Whipped Curd and  Green Olive Za’Atar 
✨Duck Ribs (popular signature)
✨Squid Ink Tagliatelle with Crystal Bay Prawns (next level pasta dish featuring fermentation from chef’s stint in Netherlands)
✨Galiciana Vintage Beef Co Grass-fed 900g Club Steak with Mountain Pepper Jus and assorted condiments (showstopper)
✨Chips, Rosemary Salt, Garlic aioli 
✨Strawberry & White Chocolate Mill-Feuille with Freeze-dried Raspberry Dessert 
✨Fighting Gully Sangiovese 

Food, wine and cocktails were simply outstanding.
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If you’re looking for a date night venue or planning a catch up with friends, Shadowboxer is a great choice.