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Shane Delia's Spice Journey


Top Melbourne and Australian chef Shane Delia is featuring in a groundbreaking upcoming SBS series Spice Journey which celebrates the cuisine of the Middle East. This is a series not to miss, beginning May 2 at 7.30pm. The World Loves Melbourne was privileged to attend the media launch at Gold Class Village Cinemas to preview the series and experience dishes from one of the episodes from Shane Delia. Not a bad gig!



Shane Delia’s Spice Journey takes us on a culinary pilgrimage to explore his heritage and discover food traditions that go back thousands of years. From the old Phoenician outpost of Malta, where the aromatics and spices of the Middle East mingle with the European traditions of the Mediterranean, Shane heads across the sea to Lebanon, the original Land of Milk and Honey and birthplace of contemporary Middle Eastern mezze.

I managed to snap a photo of Shane (below) on the big screen in between culinary indulgences. As we watched the episode we were able to experience dishes from places like Tripoli and even sample popcorn with Middle Eastern spices...


And finally Shane follows the time-worn caravan trails of the spice route to ancient Persia, aka Iran…home to saffron, pomegranate and rose water. And the oldest surviving recipes on earth. 


Inspired by medieval Arab and Persian recipes passed down through generations as well as rural and regional contemporary cuisines of Lebanon and Iran, Shane then heads back to his Melbourne kitchen to put his unique take on some of the worlds most ancient and influential culinary traditions.

The preview was compelling with a fascinating portrayal of cultural diversity and well as a culinary adventure. Shane Delia is a natural behind the camera and has a playful and engaging style that compliments his serious culinary expertise. Shane is a passionate advocate of the Middle East and his restaurant Maha is without peer in Melbourne.

Viewers will be able to access the recipes, some of which were gathered from the back blocks of far flung locations. 

You can even book a table at Maha and experience dishes from each episode as it airs on SBS. For mine this is a great concept. Maha is one of Melbourne's leading fine dining restaurants and the menu is constantly brimming with Shane's flair and creativity and passion. 

Checkout the SBS website for details.