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Prosecco Masterclass and Italian Party with ICCI

We enjoyed a fabulous curated Prosecco tasting and masterclass, plus an Italian Party to remember, from Italian Chamber of Commerce, Melbourne (who always put on the best events). 
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It was a joy to be guided through a @proseccoDOC tasting experience by sommelier Daniel Marcella, drawing from Prosecco from 8 extraordinary premium vineyards.
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We learned Prosecco is a symbol of Italy, where there is a strong culture of drinking and making Prosecco. 
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All the Prosecco’s were top notch but Isola Augusta Prosecco Brut was my fav Prosecco with ripe peach and spicy elements that added complexity. Summertime with a Burrata salad would be a winner.  
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Daniel said “with every sip you are drinking Italy.” As he encouraged us, Prosecco is not just an aperitif but can be enjoyed on so many occasions.
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We also explored the concept of “Italian Genio” with an esteemed panel of experts, including Tanja Barattin from the Consortium Prosecco DOC, Nina Leontaridis of Fiat/Alfa Romeo @fiataustralia, Gabriele Flisi from Smeg @smegaustralia, Rebecca Jackes from the Max Mara Fashion Group @maxmara, and Luca Ciano @cheflucaciano, Ambassador of Authentic Italian Products, serving as the MC.
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Following the masterclass, guests were invited to join a stunning convivial Italian Party, enjoying exquisite Prosecco DOC, expertly crafted cocktails, delicious Italian food, and vibrant DJ music.
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We loved the immersive Made in Italy activations!
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A highlight to meet Rosa Mitchell from @rosascanteen, Tony Nicolini from @italianartisans and ex DOC and @remytancred1, as well as the team from @zagameautomotive.
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Thank you to @iccimelbourne and all of the sponsors. A night to remember.