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Ice Cream Masterclass at Helados Jauja


Maybe its a sign of Melbourne's culinary sophistication that the city holds an ice cream masterclass. This is no ordinary ice cream joint. For the ice cream lover its the indulgence zenith and for the neutrals you're likely to turn. Heladas Jauja is a serious premium Argentinian ice cream shop that has captured the imagination of Lygon St Carlton and beyond.


Heladas Jauja impress with quality ingredients and innovative flavours that change seasonally.


Having been to Argentina, I understand the colour and passion and romance that inspires. Lucy and Pepe and Po-Lin have taken their craft learned in South America to Melbourne. The World Loves Melbourne team of Leeanne and Stacey attended the two hour masterclass only to be schooled by artisans and satiated by premium ice cream from the finest ingredients. The passion of the owners and staff was impressive as they explained the processes of great ice cream making. They store the icecream at exact temperatures to get the textures and flavours right. The processes are exacting with no shortcuts or compromise. No artificial flavouring. No colouring. No premixing.


Helados Jauja gave the packed masterclass a taste of all 24 flavours in the cabinet. The innovation was sensational with flavours like Apple Crumble, Szechuan Pepper for goodness sake, Black Sesame, Goats Cheese with Cranberries and Roasted Walnuts and Salted Caramel. The Cocoa Decadence is the most expensive flavour at $8 a scoop but includes 80% cocoa extracts. Helados Jauja leave no stone unturned in their processes and spend 3 days to get the seeds in the Black Sesame flavour right.


Helados Jauja do all their peeling and chopping and blending themselves, everything from scratch.  Check out this Szechuan Pepper ice cream below with mouth numbing peppercorns. Too cool.


The presentation was first class and there was a real passion and enthusiasm around premium ice cream. The company can also be unpredictable. Helados Juaja surprised by creating a Guinness ice cream for St Patricks Day.


The Apple Crumble was a chart topper at the tasting. Yes its real apple pieces and crumble with cinnamon and sugar. Dare I say, sublime. As is the Dulce de Leche traditional offering. You don't need a hot day to sample this gear - it's good to eat all year round.


White Chocolate with Rasberry (above) is also delectable. I could run through them all - not a weak link in the 24 flavours sampled. Helados also creates a series of impressive sorbets including the Apricot sorbet and White Peaches sorbet.


According to the website - "Many have asked if there is a meaning to our name... Well, our heritage is rooted in southern our name ‘Jauja' is pronounced the Latin American Spanish way...“ hkow-hka ” although “how ha” is equally acceptable. In our community, the term ‘Jauja' is used to express the words ‘absolute indulgence'. There is a mythological land associated with the name and it is said that it was the place for extreme comfort and pleasure, where food literally falls into your mouth! It is this spirit of indulgence, pleasure and fun that we aspire to capture in our treats." The World Loves Melbourne gets the sentiment of 'absolute indulgence'.

Helados Juaja gave participants of the masterclass a triple scoop of choice at the end of the class then also arranged for a take away tub of ice cream. Bliss.

Helados is a serious ice cream destination on Lygon Street. It's expensive ice cream but worth it. Highly recommended.