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Mr Huang Jin at Rialto


Mr Huang Jin is a top class Taiwanese restaurant that showcases Taiwanese cooking at its best with a modern Australian twist.
Where to go at the top end of Collins St towards Docklands? Head towards Rialto and Mr Huang Jin in the ground floor section. This is fine dining pleasure as Mr Huang Jin reaches culinary heights with fresh seasonal ingredients, strong flavours and loads of technique. The World Loves Melbourne dined as guests of Mr Huang Jin, with my own guest being one of Melbourne's foremost rock concert promoters. The restaurant cooks up dishes on request so it takes a little longer - but this is no Chinatown. This is upmarket with a sense of occasion. We noticed the chef went the extra mile in terms of uniqueness of each dish and no repetition on sauces etc.


Mr Huang Jin boasts a top chef and team in the kitchen. With 5 star experience and strong cooking background, there is plenty to offer. The fit out is also superb with modern decor featuring jet red chairs that are so comfortable, high ceilings and choice pieces. My previous experiences of Taiwanese cooking have been lower end, more in the cheap eats category. This was a step up and opened my eyes.


Mr Huang Jin serves up some of the best dumplings in Melbourne. We were able to sample the Xiao Long Bao dumplings with wonderful hot broth inside and importantly no broken casing. Thin casing and hearty broth, so delicate and enriching. The Pork and prawn dumplings were also top notch. Mr Huang Jin serves the dumplings with a small plate of ginger and various sauces such as Chinese Vinegar and Soy.


Surprisingly the Pork and Prawn Wontons in chilli sauce had a real kick with a spicy sauce and a pervasive smoky flavour that we both loved.


Mr Huang Jin also captured our attention with these generous sized spring rolls full of crunchy casing and pork goodness.


The Spicy Squid was arguably the dish of the night with compelling tangy batter, perfectly cooked squid, and wonderful sauce to accompany.


Mr Huang Jin  also serves up a delightful Sweet and sour pork salad, so fresh with delicious gems of pork and impressive colours and flavours.


Mr Huang Jin kept the surprises rolling. The Almond Crusted Lobster tail was magnificent, served as these crunchy balls almost like an arancini. The tangy coleslaw was the perfect accompaniment.


Mr Huang Jin also cooks up a fabulous Taiwanese fried chicken, for me an impressive rendition of a favourite. For the waitress it reminded her so much of home. Not to dry but juicy, and the seasoning was moorish. The sweet chilli mayo was an excellent sauce to dip into.


Mr Huang Jin doesn't add much MSG to its dishes preferring natural tastes. They appear to use top cuts of meat and quality ingredients. The Chicken Satays above were another winner with authentic flavours.

A must try dish at Mr Huang Jin is the DIY Taiwanese Pork Belly Bun above. These have the wow factor with soft bun, and delectable pork pieces and accompaniments including peanut dust and coriander. At $8 this was excellent value.

Mr Huang Jin impresses not only with mains but the desserts are equally as impressive. This Red Bean Pancake with Green Tea and Black Sesame ice cream was a hit.

Another surprise was the Taro dumpling, taking a popular flavour across Asia and serving it in dumpling style.

Hr Huang Jin also boasts professional and warm service with Taiwanese waitress especially chatty and joyous.

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