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Syracuse in Bank Place is an elegant fine dining experience in Melbourne and pleases at many levels.


Walk into a world of charm with this last century large dining room with high ceilings, artwork, intricate pillars and arches and chandeliers. I would describe Syracuse as "Melbournesque". Syracuse sets the perfect ambience for romantic nights out or to meet clients for that deal. Indeed several corporates visit Syracuse several times a day, requiring the level of sophistication for their business meetings.


The World Loves Melbourne dined as a guest of Syracuse. Walk up the steps through the chic doorway and through the curtain into a world of finery. I spent much of the evening enjoying the ambience at Syracuse - while I love the grungy nature of concrete floors and exposed brick, Syracuse is a place that offers a unique dining experience. The menu features Share plates as well as Mains.

Syracuse impressed immediately with this Hervey Bay scallop sashimi with sea urchin cream and chicken skin. This is a great way to do scallop - sashimi style. You really get the flavour of the scallop and the sea urchin cream was a wonderful accompaniment. Presentation was first class.

Syracuse also delights with its vegetarian options. The Textural Salad of beetroot is a hit with chickpeas, pistachio and fromage de chevre, along with golden raisins. This is a dance of the textures - the crunch of pistachios and chickpeas, the softness of the goats cheese and raisins. For lovers of beetroot and salads in general, you will appreciate the clean flavours and refreshing nature of this dish. Can I say, the presentation was again superb.

 Syracuse is famous for uits champagne trolley. I welcomed the sublime dryness and class of Pol Roger...

Following a theme of refreshing dishes, this Yellow Fin tuna with smoked caviar, baby artichokes, barley and toasted rice was a triumph. The hero was the quality of the tuna. A fresh and clever combination.

The wine list here is amazing with a selection of hundreds of wines from Europe, Australia and NZ. I was able to appreciate Spinifex Papillon from the Barossa (a boutique wine sensation). The Cured Hiramasa Kingfish with potatoes in ink, confit of lemon and horseradish was a personal highlight. Again it was about quality piece of fish with outstanding accompaniments such as a lemon hit and tang of horseradish. The potatoes in ink was texturally interesting.

Syracuse then served up another highlight - the Pheasant terrine with black cabbage, apple and quince chutney, and bacon jelly. Syracuse have featured various terrine's over the years and this is a cracker. I love the indulgence of a rich terrine, the chutney and jelly enhancing the flavours.The Smoked duck breast with fennel and vanilla, blood plum and foie gras was also impressive with perfectly cooked smoky duck. The accompaniments at Syracuse never overpower the main element of the dish.

On a meat journey now I enjoyed the Flinders Island wallaby with native pepperberries, oyster sauce and kiwifruit. I love how Syracuse delivers classic dishes and modern dishes such as the scallop sashimi, cured kingfish, and this wallaby dish. 

Syracuse is also famous for its Brulee - crunch on top and extra creamy underneath. Appreciated the crystals and technique of this dish. Not to mention the violet crumble and passion fruit.

Syracuse served up this delectable Frogmore Creek dessert wine with the Brulee.

Syracuse is a superb dining experience in Melbourne that satisfies with top notch service, fine dining European ambience, and cuisine that excels. Some nearby car parks provide accessibility. Highly recommended.