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Platform 3 Cafe in Carnegie


Platform 3 is a pumping cafe in Carnegie that caters well to locals but is worth a drive across town.


Tyler Brujah the owner (also involved in film and movie production in Asia and America) is an engaging personality with vision and has created a social hub here in the heart of Carnegie. Come here for Thursday night live music where Tyler features emerging local artists. Cudos to Tyler for his community connection and encouragement of artists. These nights are a huge success.

Or imbibe at the popular Thurs to Sun night tapas sessions. Saturday morning breakfasts are packed with excellent menu options available. Across the road from the Carnegie train station (hence the name) Platform 3 is a great funky stop for the traveller, and is also a kid friendly cafe (has a kids table and drawing gear). Platform 3 is the complete package. 


Platform 3 impresses with its fit out, a blend of modern and retro. Funky lighting with what I would describe as perforated metal baskets adorn, along with long timber bench and stools by large windows, old grey metal lockers mix with trendy display cabinets, large communal table, polished concrete floor and appealing outdoor area. We dined as guests of Platform 3.


Platform 3 is a popular and worthy option for breakfast. The Steak Breakfast is impressive for around $20 with 100g of Premium scotch fillet with mashed bubble and squeak, bacon, a fried egg, mushrooms and caramelised onions. I was hungry and thoroughly enjoyed this large breakfast. It wasn't a heavy fry up but showed some flair. The steak was cooked perfectly and was a quality cut, with generous portions of quality bacon, onions, bubble and squeak and mushrooms. The flavour combo worked well with me combining the elements as I ate. 


We also enjoyed the Basic Breakfast with poached eggs on sourdough and bacon. Again I felt this was good value. Generous portion of quality bacon and well cooked eggs. We were happy with our breakfast dishes and could have also opted for the Salmon Florentine or the Eggs Benedict or the Smashed Avocado.


Platform 3 has many layers and niches. See the blackboard below with Happy Hour selections... Menus here aren't overly complicated and what they do they do well..


Platform 3 also serves up an excellent latte... We enjoyed the coffee and both ordered a second cup.


My wife was thrilled with the Toasted Cranberry Granola. While I like to eat expansively my wife trains for marathons and is an extremely healthy eater. She raved about this Granola from Phillipa's... Served with yoghurt of course. For $8 it was good value.


Platform 3 makes the effort to offer home made cakes and tasty treats. Check out the Orange and almond gluten free cake or the Walnut chocolate brownies.


Check out the scones made fresh daily...


Platform 3 pumps at night with tapas and music (including live music Thursday nights)... Even when busy the service is warm and engaging. Tapas is popular including the Mini burgers, Mixed Spanish meat balls and the Shared cheese plate. 

Lunch specials include the popular Smoked salmon salad.


Platform 3 displays a certain attention to detail...


You can also book for functions and catering is available...


Platform 3 is a winner in my book (or blog) and I would recommend it to others. Cafes are much better when there's a compelling visionary behind them and Tyler impresses with his passion and creativity. We watched him hands on connecting with the customers. Highly recommended.