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Food with New Lines To Change Lives

 thankyou water bars

Social enterprise is thrilled to announce it is now stocked in major supermarkets across the country with its new product lines, thanks to an elaborate call to action in the form of a seven-minute YouTube video asking Australians to rally the supermarkets to stock its new product lines on their social media channels.

The World Loves Melbourne was fortunate to be sent a media pack of goodies from Purely based on taste and quality we highly rate the new clusters and muesli bars. It's obvious much planning and thought has gonein to these products and they can stand on their own proudly from a culinary viewpoint. I found myself getting into the clusters muesli for breakfast then raiding the packet later for a snack. The muesli bars were also moorish and full of tasty as well as healthy ingredients. (Attractive packaging by the way). exists for the sole-purpose of funding aid projects in developing countries and originally launched with Thankyou Water in 2008 and has now expanded with Thankyou Food and Thankyou Body Care.

Products from the Thankyou Food range include muesli, nut bars and oats and has been developed by Callum Hann, former Masterchef contestant and winner of Masterchef All Stars, and has worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone will love the product, as well as the Thankyou Body Care range which includes hand wash and hand lotion.

The Thankyou range will provide consumers the opportunity to change the world through a single purchase, with each product contributing to the provision of life-changing solutions to those in need, and allows customers to see the exact impact of their purchase, through its reporting program Track Your Impact.

Each product sports a unique code and once entered into the web app found at customers are provided the exact details of the project their purchase has been assigned to fund, complete with GPS coordinates. Co-founder and Managing Director Dan Flynn, said the next few months would be the most exciting in the organisation’s short history.

thankyou water clusters

“We’ve had a year of exceptional growth so far, after rebranding our company name from Thankyou Water to and launching two new product lines – Thankyou Food and Thankyou Body Care, it’s a very surreal feeling watching products start to appear in Australia’s largest supermarkets,” said Flynn.

Flynn said that Thankyou’s future impact in the developing world would increase with the support of these supermarket giants.

Thankyou products to be available include:


  • Thankyou Premium Spring Water 600ml 6pk 
  • Thankyou Premium Spring Water 1.5L 
  • Thankyou Botanical Sweet Orange and Almond Hand Wash 500mL 
  • Thankyou Botanical Sweet Orange and Almond Hand Lotion 500mL 
  • Thankyou Botanical Patchouli and Vanilla Hand Wash 500mL 
  • Thankyou Botanical Patchouli and Vanilla Hand Lotion 500mL 
  • Thankyou Cranberry & Yoghurt Bars 
  • Thankyou Nut Bars 6pk 
  • Thankyou Muesli Cranberry & Currant 500g 
  • Thankyou Muesli Vanilla & Nut 500g 
  • Thankyou Clusters Apple & Apricot 500g 
  • Thankyou Rolled Oats 750g 
  • Thankyou Apple & Flame Raisin Quick Oats 360g
    Thankyou’s food products are now hitting shelves nationally, with its body care products to follow in late October.
    Visit for more information on Thankyou products and projects. 

    There are three categories of product that Thankyou will have stocked in Australia’s largest supermarket giants, which include the following:

    Thankyou Water funds a range of safe water solutions across Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Burundi, India, Timor Leste, Kenya, Haiti and Uganda. The types of projects Thankyou works on with its partners include community wells, rainwater tanks, water pans, biosand filters and gravity-fed systems. Every Thankyou Water purchase provides at least one month’s worth of water to someone in need.

    Thankyou Food projects are divided into Food for Now and Food for Future programs. Short-term food aid through Food for Now aims to address the immediate needs of communities that require urgent, emergency access to food aid. Food for Future programs involve agricultural, livestock and health projects that aim to improve the long-term food security and overall health of communities. Every Thankyou Food purchase provides a weeks’ worth of food to a person in need.

    Thankyou Body Care funds projects that promote health, hygiene and education amongst communities. These programs consist of educating communities in personal, food, water and household hygiene through a broad range of mediums (such as school-based curriculums, or community-led classes). Every Thankyou Body Care purchase directly contributes to one person receiving health and hygiene training.