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Pure South Restaurant A High Performer in Southgate

Pure South is a standout restaurant in Southgate, and indeed Melbourne. Walking along the long boulevard looking for lunch or dinner destinations can be overwhelming in a sea of options. Pure South lays claim to a current 2 Michelin star chef Ashley Davis, who has quietly introduced his culinary philosophy and stellar cooking since arriving several months ago. How many Melbourne restaurants can boast a 2 Michelin star chef? 

Good Food Month sees Southgate restaurants offer specials that are excellent value, and Pure South has joined the party. I enjoyed a complimentary meal as a preview to Good Food Month.


Pure South celebrates the best of Tasmania and brings it to Melbourne. Pure South opened in 2004 as a champion of mostly small producers from King Island, Flinders Island and Tasmania. Having visited Tasmania myself and been a huge consumer of Tasmanian products over the years I believe Tasmania offers a world class foodie philosophy and experience. It has of course forged its own identity in Melbourne and is producing some standout dishes.

Chef Ashley Davis is a tour de force coming from taking  London restaurant Helene Darroz from one to two Michelin stars. He loves to cook with fine fresh seasonal ingredients and make them sing. And the close relationship of Pure South with producers is something that fits his philosophy. Check out this interview with Ashley Davis.

Pure South served me this delectable Bavarian style rye bread, and the waiter told me a story of how the chef brought the family recipe from Europe.


Pure South is an elegant restaurant with an outdoor section that opens up wonderfully in the warmer weather... Sit outside and enjoy the ambience of the river and tourists strolling by.

Leather chairs inside and cane chairs outside, with timber floor, classy artwork and smartly dressed engaging waiters. This is casual dining in a modern establishment of finery.


Pure South is known for its steak dishes, notably Cape Grim Black Angus. The restaurant menu reflects the affinity with the farms and foodies of Tasmania, where food comes fresh and of highest quality. No hormones.

Pure South says on their website, 

"...we search Tasmania, King Island & Flinders Island for the best produce. Farmers & fishermen often deliver directly from the source to our kitchen.
We visit the three islands regularly for inspiration; our menu reflects this. You will enjoy a wide range of beautiful Tasmanian produce, but our reputation continues to build around our exceptional steaks.
Our sommelier may recommend a wine from our comprehensive list which highlights Tasmanian vineyards, among many others from the new & old worlds."

The waitress offered me a bevvy of condiments with my steak including a fiesty salsa - I opted for loads of mustard.


Check out the Cape Grim Black Angus served medium rare...


Tasmanian Maris Piper potato, hand-cut, triple-cooked chips...


The Mixed leaf salad, grape tomatoes, lemon honey dressing was exquisitely presented with wrapping of cucumber - great presentation. I also opted for bernaise sauce to be spooned over my steak for the sake of indulgence. 

Pure South has a premium wine list and I enjoyed my Schild Estate Barossa premium shiraz.


Pure South delighted with this Bay leaf panna cotta, strawberries, strawberry sorbet dessert. Most establishments serve a simple panna cotta but Pure South shows loads of technique and dimension with crunch of biscuit, a refreshing strawberry sorbet and the masterstroke of bay leaf. The consistency of the creamy panna cotta was perfect.

Pure South is a restaurant well worth visiting for any occasion and took me by surprise as to its finesse and quality.

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