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Gong Cha Bubble Tea Phenomenon


Drinks anyone? Bubble tea? Yes please. I'm a convert after thinking bubble tea was for those missing home and wanting their traditional fix. How wrong I was. Having been introduced to the world of bubble tea I'm impressed.

Gong Cha is part of the bubble tea phenomenon sweeping Asia and now Australia. Conveniently located next to fried chicken sensation Hot Star in Swanston St, Gong Cha offers the best in fresh bubble tea Taiwanese style. Grab your chicken from Hot Star then grab your drink from Gong Cha. The World Loves Melbourne was invited by Gong Cha to sample their classic bubble tea.


Customisation is the name of the game. Gong Cha will give you what you want and cater for your preferences, even in terms of sweetness and ice level. This fruity Passionfruit tea offering lasted me much of the afternoon, with a higher ice component! The drink was a large portion and it was served super cold. On a hot Melbourne day it was perfect. Milky foam on top was a winner.

Everything is fresh here - they throw out ingredients after 4 hours to keep it super fresh. And Gong Cha is known for its quality - including real milk not powdered of course!


Gong Cha serves up the pearls and jellies and taro pieces that make up classic bubble tea. With a large straw penetrating the cover of the drink, you can suck in the ingredients no fuss. The quality of the tea is also important, and Gong Cha delivers.


Staff here are engaging and helpful. I wandered out the back  of the restaurant to see how it all works. Large tubs of fresh ingredients are partnered with modern equipment. Gong Cha has been on the rise across Asia and these guys know what they're doing.


Gong Cha engage in a lot of quality control to ensure the taste is consistent.


Gong Cha has so many options including Earl Grey milk tea or Oolong Tea. Don't forget the milk foam!


Gong Cha is a welcome addition to the Melbourne drinks scene, certainly in terms of a unique bubble tea experience. For the money it's great value, in terms of portion size, quality of tea and amount of ingredients. Check it out.

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