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Melbourne's Premium Easter Fare


Easter offerings are way more sophisticated than they used to be, and Melbourne's foremost chefs are providing incredible options for cutomers. Burch & Purchese and Vue De Monde group are examples of sophistication, creativity and class. 

Why shop at the supermarket when you can order premium Easter offerings online or at high end establishments.

Burch & Purchese

Darren Purchese has created the ultimate in chocolate intricate offerings where science meets sweetness... Check the B&P online store or pop in to 647 Chapel Street.

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'Fried Egg' Chocpop Gift Box perfect for sharing...

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Gold Salted Caramel Eggs so amazingly good it's ridiculous!

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The B&P Easter Bunny Easter isn't Easter without our bunny and Pablo The Easter Penguin sporting a chocolate 'fried egg' on his head...

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B&P Blue Easter Chick hatched just in time for Easter...


How awesome is this pack (above) delivered to my office? It included B&P Dark (or Milk Chocolate) Chocolate Egg with a gorgeous golden egg inside and several of the treats above... It also included B&P confectionery, with my favourite Popcorn Honeycomb Rubble. 

This was a huge hit with myself and the whole family! 

Also check out the B&P hot cross buns!

Vue De Monde Cafes

You can also get premium hot cross buns from Vue De Monde Cafes or order online from the Vue De Monde website 

 vue de monde easter

The Vue De Monde group are offering hot cross buns of distinction and class. The World Loves Melbourne was privileged to receive a sample of hot cross buns from Vue De Monde...


Serving my hot cross buns from Vue De Monde at home on a silver tray - 3 Chocolate and 3 Spelt and Cranberry. Delicious buns with quality ingredients and of substance (not too light). You can tell straight away these are premium hot cross buns. And once you've tasted them, it's hard to go back to "plain vanilla".

Chocolate -A little indulgence using a traditional recipe including a smooth puree of orange and ginger, a hint of mixed spice, and smooth chocolate chips. Priced at $3.50 each or $18 for box of six.

Spelt and Cranberry -Vue De Monde uses spelt wholemeal flour from Powlett Hill Mill with a selection of sweet dried fruit finished off with a hint of mixed spice, ginger and orange. Priced at $3.50 each or $18 for box of six.

Also, Easter at Cafe Vue Heide is a grand affair - 

Take a stroll around the gardens then bring the entire family to lunch on Easter Sunday -  the Easter Bunny just may drop by for some fun before you sit down to our garden menu.  Alternatively, our traditional dessert bar will be in full swing in the afternoon. We are also open on Easter Monday for lunch (no afternoon tea sitting) 

Sunday $49 two courses, 
$69 three courses including dessert bar

Monday $45 two courses 
$55 three courses (no afternoon tea dessert bar) 

Reservations are essential


Check out Melbourne's premium establishments this Easter...