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Promised Land Coffee - When Specialty Coffee Isn't Enough

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This month Promised Land Coffee launched a new support­centric approach to specialty coffee wholesale in Melbourne.

With the tagline “Join the Journey” Promised Land Coffee aims to equip  cafes with a strong emphasis on customer support. Founder and specialist barista Jonathon Sciola has worked for the best cafes in Melbourne and realised that even the best beans in the world don’t guarantee a cup of “specialty coffee” ­ without specialist support.  

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“Having worked for a former Australian Barista Champion and world coffee champion with literally the best coffees in the world I realised that taste was not guaranteed, not unless the barista and the cafe had all the checks in place”. Jonathon Sciola supported over 50 specialty cafes in Melbourne and often encountered bewilderment at the inconsistency in results from bean to the final cup.  
Focusing on cafes, and later filter supply to offices in the CBD, Promised Land Coffee aims to revolutionise the level of customer care and support given to cafes in a mature, saturated and highly competitive Industry.  
Jonathon says, “There is a culture in the specialty coffee industry that you can just dump quality beans in a cafe and leave the rest for them. That’ not the case. Just because you have a shiny LaMarzocco (espresso machine) and good beans doesn’t guarantee quality. I’m here to put things in place so that a cafe can guarantee quality in every cup”.  
With economic conditions and other instabilities in the market cafes need to do everything to stay ahead of their competition. It used to be enough to buy specialty beans. Not in Melbourne. Not in the coffee capital of the world. Melbournians demand consistently exceptional coffee or they’ll go elsewhere. This is a holistic customised approach to coffee wholesaling.  
Jonathon Sciola is a Melbourne coffee legend having worked at St Ali and trained many baristas in the art of making coffee.
His website says the following - 

'm Jonathon and I simply love coffee. Yes, coffee changed my life. Coffee is a journey and that is why we've chosen Join The Journey as the tagline for Promised Land Coffee. The one thing that unites us coffee lovers is our passion for coffee - and it is this passion takes us further on the journey towards quality, innovation, new experience, and for business owners, profitability.

I recently worked with an Australian Barista Champion in a role where I was managing and supporting over fifty cafes in their journey towards specialty coffee. In an environment where every expense was made to source the best possible beans and equipment I realised that it is a network of integrated support systems and people that make a special cup of coffee. When you see our video you will see that our journey is to walk with you towards specialty coffee that is special.  

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As a business owner and founder I deeply care and understand the specific and unique needs of the cafe owner. At the core of Promised Land Coffee is a desire to see cafes succeed. I believe that Promised Land Coffee is unique in its commitment to support each cafe. It's all about the cafe. We source the best (often cup of excellence quality) beans to create fresh and vibrant blends that blow customers away.

Over the coming weeks and months you will see an array of content designed to whet the appetite of the cunning specialty coffee connoisseur as well as educate and fascinate the most advanced, mature and savvy coffee community in the world: Melbourne.

It is my hope that you, Melbourne, will Join The Journey with Promised Land Coffee by booking a tasting and having me come and show you what we can do for your special cup of coffee.