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Rex Tremendae A Coffee Requiem

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Rex Tremendae serves up some of the best coffee in Melbourne in Flinders Lane towards Spencer Street.

Come here also for 5&Dime bagels and Dr Marty's crumpets, with affable coffee legend Robert (Roastbert) Savage at the helm. As you can see from the syrupy looking goodness above, Rex Tremendae doesn't muck around.Tremendae brings a unique experience - not the aloof vibe of many coffee houses, but an engaging experience and playful ambience.

Rex Tremendae is a quirky name - believed to be named after a musical piece, in fact a Mozart Requiem, that the owner of the cafe Rob absorbed at Uni years ago. And like Mozart this coffee house has a flow and a theme. The requiem of coffee.

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Talk to the owner Rob Savage and he will engage with a chat and exudes coffee passion. The feeling is one of intimacy, like visiting a friend, in this smallish cafe. You can also imbibe at a few outside tables, with fascinating Flinders Lane beckoning.

Says Rob of Rex Tremendae - 

"A small space with a grand name; we aim to deliver a huge amount of quality from a hole in the wall. Bringing coffee small batch roasted by us and extracted with accuracy and precision, combining it with the instant gratification that only buttery baked things can give you, and a curated selection of other fine consumables.
Coming soon: Midday Charcuterie Bento Boxes. We'll let you know."

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The family crest? Seems to be a theme of royalty here with crowns and crests...

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Dr Marty's crumpets are a great option with interesting fillings like Ricotta malt honey and Crump monsieur...

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The Pastrami bagel (5&Dime bagels) with cheese was the perfect breakfast treat for me... Rex Tremendae keeps adding to the menu as time goes on , and serves up treats like chocolate brownies and homemade peanut butter and choc chip cookies. Or for the health conscious, check out the Bircher.

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Rex Trememdae is a cafe with a fascinating fit out including these intricate tiles. We especially love the "cow" tiles as unique taking Melbourne coffee house quirk to another level. Check out the ornate bench also, something of a kingly throne.

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A simple menu but Rob is giving customers what they want - affordable food with a gourmet touch.

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Rob has trained many baristas in Melbourne and spent time at St Ali. 

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Another nod to an age past with this art on the wall...

Rex Tremendae impresses. It would be easy to say it's a welcome addition to this part of town - but that would be selling the cafe short. It's a welcome addition to any precinct - in fact to Melbourne itself.

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