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Jacques Reymond Joins the Dish'd Team


Now everyone can enjoy great food, delivered right to your door all stamped with the approval of leading chef Jacques Reymond.

If you love great tasting food, but you don’t have the time to cook from scratch every day, then dish’d Food Store may be just what you’ve been looking for. The World Loves Melbourne attended the launch of Dish'd at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art and was highly impressed with the quality of this frozen food - head and shoulders above anything we've seen out there in the genre. We feel most frozen food is poor, but Dish'd has redefined the landscape with its gourmet selections at surprisingly affordable prices. is now available in Melbourne and Sydney with almost two hundred delicious dishes, sourced from around the world and all prepared to chefs’ recipes.


Jacques Reymond, one of Australia’s most experienced chefs, joined the dish’d team in February, after 18 years of running his own award winning restaurant. Joseph Lutvey from dish’d explains, “We knew Jacques was looking to do something new, and his culinary experience and attention to personal service is second to none.”


“Jacques is a lot of fun and a great guy to have on the team. He is very hands on and his love of food is clearly evident to all.”


Dishes like ‘Prawns en papillote with zucchini, edamame beans and lemon crème’, and meal components such as ‘Premium grass-fed eye fillet steaks’, ‘Green beans, romanesco, cauliflower and broccoli’ and ‘Potato dauphinois with emmental cheese’ are all on the menu.


If it’s a party starting appetiser like ‘Vegetable and mushroom cones’ that you feel like, or a superb ‘Naples style mozzarella and pesto pizza’, or whether a sumptuous dessert such as ‘Profiteroles ala crème’ takes your fancy, dish’d has something for everyone, and for any occasion.

The World Loves Melbourne was told persoanlly by Jacques to "try everything" and we didn't let him down. Back and forth we sampled and imbibed all of the gorgeous dishes on offer at the launch. The Black Pearls chocolate fondant above was absolutely stunning and the talk of the night...


“People will be amazed at the quality and deliciousness of these dishes, and the ease which they can order and have them delivered” suggests Joseph. “It’s not at all what most people would expect of frozen packaged food. People smile and tell me they’ve tried another dish in the range, and that they now have a new favourite!”

And when asked which is his favourite dish, Jacques is spontaneous, “My favourites are the French tarts, especially the ‘Heritage raspberry and pistachio frangipane tart with butter shortcrust pastry’. It is baked to perfection then snap frozen in the foothills of the Pyrenees” said Jacques, “Ready for you to finish at home. It’s superb!”


According to Jacques, dish’d enables you to become a sous chef, completing the cooking process and match-making components in your own kitchen. He says this type of high quality, delicious and easy to cook and serve food offering is something that has not existed in Australia until now.

“Our lives are becoming more hectic, and our palates increasingly discerning,” Jacques said. “We want to really savour and enjoy meal times with family and friends, with high-quality dishes that you don’t have to make from scratch, and this concept fills that gap perfectly.”

“The fact that this is a concept that is new to Australia thrills and motivates me.”

“Its innovative and contemporary approach, with the added convenience of choosing online, with next day delivery, will be viewed as a great asset by food enthusiasts and time-poor cooks alike.”


All the high quality, snap frozen dishes can be ordered online from with next- day home delivery in cool boxes with dry ice – guaranteed to keep the dishes frozen in the cool box until 10pm, so you don’t need to be home at the time of delivery.


dish’d will initially only service Melbourne and Sydney. The first bricks and mortar dish’d Food Store will be opening in Melbourne’s Prahran in late 2014.