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Brooks for Cocktail Genius


Brooks is a restaurant and bar of creativity and flair (breaking news: now closed), and The World Loves Melbourne was delighted to attend the launch of Brook's new spring cocktail menu with bar master Shae Silverstro (Melbourne bar royalty).


Upon entry into the elegant basement we were relieved of our coats and handed delectable cocktails and canapes. The wonderfully curved marble top bar area is intimate and alluring, with the tempation to perch on a stool and imbibe.


Brooks is known for the masterful creations of Nic Poelaert, and these canapes exploded with flavour. 

The Chicken liver parfait, rye bread, rhubarb jam are famous here at Brokk's and you just want more... The artistic rye creations are injected with liver parfait to cause a cacophony in the mouth. Then there's the jam on top to add balance. Realising these were a delicate sensation I made sure I indulged in half a dozen of these beauties.


Brooks is a spacious artistic looking restaurant that exudes finery. Check out the uber hanging plants. One can't help peering into Nic's open kitchen...

The highlight of the night was the Sloe Coach cocktail featuring 30ml of Byrrh, 30ml of Sloe Gin, 5ml of Pastis, 22ml of Lime Juice, and 22ml of Sugar Syrup, shaken with ice and strained into a cocktail glass. The World Loves Melbourne enjoyed the hit of spice. We assume this is the brainchild of Shae Silvestro.


Salmon canapes were clean against the spiced, sweet and sour cocktails. They rivalled the Black rice crackers with vegemite jam for complementing the cocktails. 


Brooks pulled out a top notch local sparkling from Macedon at the end of the night, pointing forward to the Spring Racing season...

Brooks is a venue known for its fine dining, but also compelling as a bar as we enter the Spring Racing season...

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