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Big Boy BBQ Bringing The Brisket To The Burbs

Big Boy BBQ has led the charge when it comes to convenient BBQ cuisine and is now bringing the brisket to the Burbs after its successful Hardware Lane soiree. The World Loves Melbourne has enthusiastically visited the Richmond restaurant several times as a BBQ afficiado, as well as the Hardware Lane joint. You're BBQ craving is more than satisfied whether by massive burger or by massive tray of delectable BBQ meats.


Big Boy BBQ impresses with a broad ranging menu of something for everyone. Come here for a massive meat fix, or choose items that are not so heavy. The kids will love it here too, and mine have repeatedly asked us to return. If you place Big Boy BBQ in the fast food bracket then its a great option for what you get. A quick burger and chips does the business. They say it's about slow food, fast.

Big Boy BBQ has an attractive fit out in its Hardware Lane restaurant with large food artwork on the walls, tables for groups and the trademark surfboard. We noticed a large number of corporates imbibing at lunchtime. Needless to say office workers given a choice will reject their salad sandwich and break out into an indulgent world of BBQ!

We met the driver of the business one day, Lance, and found him to be charasmatic, passionate about BBQ, and engaging with customers. From the website -

We were Melbourne’s first ‘low and slow’ smoked meat experience.

Our Founder, Lance Rosen, fell in love with Kansas City BBQ and has done many BBQ road trips to the USA. He was recognised as an innovator in food by The Age Magazine, in 2012, for his introduction of American BBQ to Melbourne.

We bring you the most tender, juiciest BBQ beef, chicken, lamb and pork. Our aim is to give you the best RIBS in a casual fast environment. Unlike many rib joints, our ribs are not boiled, but rather smoked over Hickory wood. ‘Slow Food… Fast’ is about our passion to preserve traditional cooking methods and provide an alternative to unhealthy fast food.

Our food is handmade and avoids any added chemicals that are common in so many fast foods. Our meats are low fat and we have many low carb meal options available.

We offer dine in or take out. We are licensed or you can BYO for only $1 per person.

Big Boy BBQ has 3 locations in Melbourne: Caulfield South, Richmond and the CBD.


The World Loves Melbourne loves a place that goes the extra mile with its sides. Big Boy BBQ delivers with compelling sides of chips and slaw (slaw is flavoursome, fresh and juicy)...


Burgers in Melbourne is a passionate topic. We contend Big Boy BBQ has one of the best around with its Zee Man Burger, inspired by Oklahoma Joes. Get around a generous pile of beef brisket, smoked cheese, fried onion strings (addictively crunchy) and BBQ sauce. A knockout. While I love a burger with a large juicy beef patty I'm prepared to jump out of my comfort zone into the realm of slow cooked beef brisket in a burger. The beef brisket sings with the flavour of the American south, slow cooked and sassy. 

Ordering the burger with a sides option is the way to go. For a reasonable outlay you can choose from a variety of sides and grab a drink, in my case an American beer.


Big Boy BBQ caters for a variety of tastes and The New Yorker on Rye is seemingly a more healthy option with Beef pastrami with swiss cheese, sweet mustard and pickles, then add slaw. Rewarding to say the least if you don't want a heavy burger.


While the burgers are excellent here, I've moved into the meat tray camp. I've found when dining with friends, rather than us all ordering burgers, to rather order a BBQ meat tray and share. Big Boy BBQ has attractive options of Little Girl, Little Boy, Big Girl and Big Boy. And for 2 of us the Little Boy option was perfect. You can imbibe the wonderful ribs here with 1/2 rack of lamb ribs, as well as pulled lamb shoulder, saucy beef brisket and 2 regular sides. And of course we upsized to jumbo. Piling in to the meats and accomodating the sides is great dining. The only thing I wasn't sure about was the bread that comes with this dish is quite plain, and I wasn't sure that you're even meant to eat it.


Golden crispy chips, how we like it. And there's 5 types of delectable BBQ sauce to dip your chips into...


Our kids enjoy the 2 meat burger with saucy pulled chicken and pulled lamb shoulder with lettuce, tomato and BBQ sauce.


Even a stack of Chicken wings is rewarding.


The Zee Man in close up. You won't leave hungry.


The 2 meat burger in close up. Eating is acceptably messy here - you will need the help of the rolls of paper towels...


Big Boy BBQ is a well thought out BBQ destination that we predict will ride the BBQ wave into the future. (Maybe that's why they have surfboards mounted in their restaurants.) Highly recommended.

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