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Tanqueray Gin Garden for Good Food Month

Tanqueray gin, a world class gin, is opening a charming Gin Garden Bar open at the Good Food Month Night Noodle Markets in Melbourne. Following the success of the Gin Garden in Sydney discerners of fine gin can expect a tantalising opportunity to experience Tanqueray during the Night Noodle Markets from November 14 for 17 days. Birrurang Marr  transforms into a bustling gastronomic hub, and the Gin Garden Bar offers Tanqueray’s signature serve, the Tanqueray and Tonic.

With its crisp clean taste, and served in a Copa glass, a Tanqueray and Tonic is the perfect aperitif and palate cleanser to enjoy amid soy-induced dishes from the Night Noodle Market food stalls. Recommended as the first drink of the night, a Tanqueray and Tonic aims to clear the palate between one flavour to the next, so diners can entirely enjoy the diversity of flavour in each dish. Drinking a Tanqueray gin and tonic out of a Copa, an ergonomically designed bowl shaped glass with a large circumference, allows the aromas of Tanqueray’s key botanicals to circulate, enhancing the taste of the drink and allowing drinkers to capture the fragrance and refresh the taste buds.

Tanqueray is also hosting the Tanqueray Bar Hop where you can experience a cocktail and tapas specific to each bar for $20 throughout Good Food Month. See the list of 21 participating bars.

Check it out.