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Mr Burger For Your Burger Fix on Brunswick St

Mr Burger is a Melbourne favourite when it comes to the insatiable demand for quality burgers. Just look at their Facebook page which has around 50,000 followers! With food trucks that dominate the Melbourne burger scene (we are regulars), Mr Burger now has 3 permanent locations. The new store on Brunswick St is taking all before it and is a popular destination for burger afficiados. Walk in to a modern burger joint with exposed brick wall and chic looking upbeat orange stools and benches, in the style of a diner. A key to Mr Burger is that they keep it simple - burgers, chips and drinks is all they serve. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along to check out the new Brunswick store.


Mr Burger offers simple burger choices but each burger is comprehensive with quality ingredients and won't leave you hungry. Choices are Mr Burger, Mr Meat, Mr Hot and Mr Veg. The World Loves Melbourne couldn't go past the Mr Meat, adding a pattie to make it a double. On reflection this made it into a massive burger, as the patties are large. But so rewarding.


Mr Meat in all it's glory! Generous amount of bacon, the two juicy patties, cheese, lettuce, caramelised onions, pickle, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise. The bun is soft and the burger is a cacophony of juicy meat bliss with fine accompaniments to bring crunch and tang. Whether during the day, or late at night, you'll be craving one of these.


Mr Burger also delivers on chips. Golden, seasoned and with crunch, these chips are delightful. Trucker Chips are also available with fries, bacon, cheese, and a special sauce.

Mr Burger is consistently rated among the best burgers in Melbourne. And for good reason. It just works. The burger comes served in alfoil, keeping the heat and juicy goodness in.


Step up to the modern vibrant orange counter and imbibe...


Grab a drink from the fridge, athough we recommend the milkshakes. 


Mr Burger is the place to go for your burger fix. Highly recommended.

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