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Best Sausage Rolls in Melbourne 2020

The World Loves Melbourne has combed Melbourne for the best sausage rolls in Melbourne. We spent a couple of days travelling around eating sausage rolls, and we need a treadmill. We were looking for quality of pastry (a major factor as the best sausage rolls have full butter puff with technique), quality of filling (not stodgy but with quality ingredients and flair), size (not as big a factor but some can be considered a meal), the way it's presented (overcooked? cold in the middle?), and overall balance (does it just "work" or is there an overpowering element that throws the balance).  Sausage rolls have taken on a more modern gourmet status these days with punters clamouring for something more than the plain varieties of yesteryear.

Here are our favourite sausage rolls in Melbourne - 

1. Bossy Boots Cafe - Brighton. Sausage Roll Rating 9.5/10

Bossy Boots cafe is a revelation to The World Loves Melbourne, being super popular and iconic with Brighton locals and now fast growing in its gourmet take home food offerings. Bossy Boots café is the masterstroke of Melbourne chefs Ben Forehan and Rachael Browne who have taken their cooking talents working at notable Melbourne kitchens such as Stokehouse, Circa and Dench Bakers, and 10 years cooking to the rich and famous on super yachts, to create a unique foodie haven in Brighton. The World Loves Melbourne stopped by for lunch to check out the amazing large gourmet sausage rolls and delectable salads. The sausage roll has the best pastry of all the sausage rolls we sampled in Melbourne, with full butter puff flaky pastry from the dedicated pastry chef. Filling is also top notch with quality mince/meat. Size is also impressive - this is a meal option. Balance and overall impression is first class, and this is a contender for best sausage roll in Melbourne.

Check out the amazing swirl and the puff on the pastry (compared to other institutions in this article it's a clear winner)...

Bossy Boots served us the sausage roll with relish, and we enjoyed salads to accompany. This sausage roll is filling, enough for a meal. 

 2. Sourdough Kitchen - Seddon. Sausage Roll Rating 8.5/10

Sourdough Kitchen is a charming cafe in Seddon with vintage style decor and ambience. Known for their epic bakery products, they didn't disappoint with the Chicken and leek sausage roll (also have a Pork and fennel sausage roll). We were curious to explore chicken mince in a sausage roll. Pastry was reasonable but not top shelf - it was the filling that was the star of the sausage roll. Sourdough Kitchen is about free range and organic products. The chicken and leek filling was superb. Size was excellent and the overall balance of the sausage roll was that it is one of the best in Melbourne.

Sourdough Kitchen serves it's sausage rolls with a killer chutney.

Sourdough Kitchen serves up some of the best sausage rolls in Melbourne. 

 3. Pure Pie - Port Melbourne. Sausage Roll Rating 8/10

Pure Pie is an attractive bakery shop in Port Melbourne, serving up some of our cities' finest pies and sausage rolls. This cafe bakery has an almost vintage hipster vibe and specialises in bakery products.

Pure Pie served us this Sausage Roll with Pork, Apple and Fennel. The pastry was first class - buttery and flaky, with whole butter puff. The filling was superb featuring free range Otway pork, apple and fennel (fennel seeds on top) combining perfectly. Onion and garlic were also a feature, with sausage mince used to hold the sausage roll together. The size was reasonable and the overall balance superb.

Pure Pie serves up its sausage rolls in a cardboard box, with several sauces available at the tables.

Pure Pie was a delightful venue with one of the best sausage rolls we experienced in Melbourne. 

 4. Noisette - Port Melbourne, Bentleigh. Sausage Roll Rating 8/10

Noisette is undoubtably one of the best bakeries in Melbourne, with a plethora of high class items. We get the impression they supply the buns for some of Melbourne's best burgers. The Sausage Roll had an excellent flaky pastry, although it took a while to arrive and came slightly blackened. The taste of the pastry was still excellent, and the beef filling rewarding. The size of the sausage roll was reasonable, and we were impressed that it was served with a pleasant salad.

Noisette is one of Melbourne's best for bakery products.

Noisette impressed although the blackened sausage roll probably wouldn't win any art prizes for presentation, unlike other items we saw in the store.  

 5. Candied Bakery - Spotswood. Sausage Roll Rating 8/10.

Candied Bakery is a bakery sensation in Spotswood and another success in the West. Having spent time in the west for work, Candied Bakery was a regular feature for The World Loves Melbourne. This place hums with quality, style and imagination. Candied Bakery is about nuances with quality ingredients and friendly interesting spaces to dine and imbibe. Candied Bakery turns the staid quaint bakery concept on its head with its modern offerings and fit out. 

The Sausage Roll was distinctive, with flaky pastry (layered but not overly amazing) and dense filling. The beef filling was strongly seasoned with spices such as cumin and oregano, making it almost taste Italian to us. The size was largish and the overall balance excellent. We enjoyed the sausage roll but the strong seasoning component was slightly too much for us.

Candied Bakery is a treasure house of bakery treats and killer shakes.


6. Wonderpop & Deli - CBD

Wonderpop & Deli makes some of the best sausage rolls in Melbourne.