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JDs Burgers Bringing Asian Fusion Flavours

JDs Burgers in Kew is a delightful burger joint that offers unique Asian fusion flavours and is one of the best burger houses in Melbourne. These are juicy melt in your mouth burgers with much thought (and presumably testing) put into the various burgers. Word about JDs has spread in the burger world and an invited visit by The World Loves Melbourne didn't disappoint. We couldn't get over just how many burgers are on offer here - something like 15 fusion burgers. Just a hop skip and jump off the Eastern Freeway in the main strip of Kew this place is a winner.

The golden beer battered chips came out first - these were moorish in themselves and you could just eat a bowl straight up (which we did). You could taste the beer in the beer battered chips, and these were perfectly cooked and crunchy on the outside, more tender inside. The dipping sauces were also perfect with an aoli that delivered and a spicier sauce with a Japanese kewpie mayo base. Kewpie in Kew!

Then it was on to the main game. The Mighty Beef Burger is the most popular burger at JDs, and is super juicy with a sensational tasty seasoning in the meat pattie. The brioche bun was soft and fresh, and the burger came with generous pattie, bacon, caramelised onion, lettuce, cheese tomato and JDs special sauces. With the pattie cooked medium with slight pink, and a soft patty, the advent of melted cheese made for a burger of sheer melted juicy pleasure. The tomato and bacon were also worthy ingredients in this excellent burger. Despite the juiciness of the burger it still kept together during the eating process and didn't fall apart. No wonder it's their most popular burger. Check out the Aussie flag on top of the burger.

Interestingly having celebrated The Mighty Beef Burger we fell in love with the second most popular burger at JDs Burgers - the Ultimate Black Pepper Beef Burger. This had a tang and a kick we found irresistable. This burger is unique to the Melbourne burger scene and features French brioche bun, black pepper sauce, special JDs mayo, American cheese, grilled bacon, mushrooms, caramelised onion, lettuce and tomato. The combination of flavours is brilliant. Nothing is overpowering and it all comes together superbly. Again this is a juicy rewarding burger. Black pepper and beef are an excellent fusion combination.

Daniel an entrepreneur and Brenda his sister (who hosted us during our visit) are energetic people that are passionate about burgers and fusion flavours. They pride themselves on quality control and every element must be fresh and top notch. The Grandmother is involved in pattie and sauce recipes handed down. The cafe also does a great job with coffee (we sampled first hand) and their cakes, as well as other cafe treats.

JDs services a steady stream of tradies seeking breakfast in the mornings and is open from 6.30am - that's why they close a little earlier at 2.30pm. At this stage they don't open on Sundays but who knows into the future.

We felt their success is due to hard work, engagement with customers, innovation and brilliant fusion, and attention to detail and quality control. We hear that JDs Burgers is expanding beyond Kew. Watch this space!

Feeling super hungry? JDs also runs a Super Saiyan Burger Challenge for those who like to eat massive burgers from 4 to 8 patties - you get the burger for free if you can eat it all within the timeframe and within the rules. And of course get your picture on the Hall of Fame. The World Loves Melbourne plans to return and we'd like to try more of the fusion burgers on offer. (We're hearing great reports about the spicy Green Dragon). When it says "Asian fusion" there are flavours from across Asia represented including Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese. Highly recommended.

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