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Top 10 Best Salads in Melbourne

Salad? Even pork belly tragics like us need some decent salads. Melbourne is superb in the salad stakes and here are our best salads in Melbourne-

Jimmy Grants - Cypriot Grain Salad

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Grain Cypriot Salad is amazing value for pulses, nuts, grains, herbs and greek yoghurt.  We could live off this salad and can just eat it alone as a meal. So much going on here - the balance is wonderful and it pleases not just health conscious punters but people like me that usually just tolerate a salad. This is spectacular! The Cypriot Salad is on the favourites list for many a diner as best salad in Melbourne. Or try the other salads such as Hellenic Slaw and Iceberg salads... 

 Arbory Eatery and Bar - Buffalo Mozzerella w Fried Artichoke

Another delightful dish on the healthier eating trend is the Buffalo Mozzarella with fried artichoke, green sauce, raisins and almonds. We loved the balance of flavours and textures of this dish. The buffallo mozarella and artichoke were equal heroes on the plate. We expected the artichoke to merely accompany the mozarella but were taken with the taste of the artichoke and its fried perfection. Presentation of this dish is superb and we think this is one of the best salads in Melbourne.

 CH James - Grain Salad

CH James embraces the trend of healthier eating in its dishes, including this popular Grain salad - Three grains, roasted pistachio, activated almonds, seasonal veg, lemon yogurt & a poached egg. The balance and flavours are spot on and this dish has been walking out the door (client). This is a cacophony of taste, freshness, crunch and nuance. The tang of the lemon yoghurt sets the dish off, and it is completed by the advent of a poached egg. A worthy addition to best salads in Melbourne.

Belle's Hot Chicken - Almost Arnolds Beans

With the chicken options you get a side included - great value. These slow cooked slighly soggy Almost Arnolds Beans are amazing, with intense smoky flavour. They complement the fried chicken perfectly and are the best side on the menu at Belle's Hot Chicken. Maybe a surprise to some, but we are calling this a kind of bean salad with a difference and one of the best salads in Melbourne.

Huxtable - Indian Spiced Tuna Tartare w Cucumber, Mint Yoghurt, Papadams

We were enthralled by the Indian spiced tuna tartare, cucumber, mint yoghurt, papadams as a refreshing and light tasty option at Huxtable. The elements combined perfectly with a nuance of spice. A light dish that is so rewarding.

  Supernormal - Tuna, Ponza & Tagarash


Supernormal boasts several compelling salads in a broad appealing menu. Supernormal is about Andrew McConnells favourite dishes from trips to Asia, notably Shanghai and Hong Kong. The menu is set up well for groups - just share dishes from small to large offerings and you can cover a lot of ground. Start with the Raw bar and the Snacks and appetisers. The Tuna, ponzu & tagarashi above was a killer start with clean fresh flavours.

No 8 by John Lawson - Heritage Tomato Salad

Wow! What an amazing dish. This is a study in tomatoes and makes you appreciate the tomato in a new way. Presentation is as amazing as the taste. Fresh and zesty this is a superb dish featuring Heritage tomatoes, burrata mozzarella, brown butter and basil. This is a seasonal dish and is not available all year round. We consider it to be one of the best salads in Melbourne.

Town Mouse - Heirloom Kales

town mouse-9

We were disarmed by seemingly humble dishes that provided punch and resulted in enthusiastic approval by our dining posse. Heirloom kales, slow cooked egg, rye, comt√©, & mustard stole the show. The Town Mouse can creep up on you and take you by surprise. Through the seeming innocuous kales comes a slow cooked runny egg which connects with an indulgent sauce to accompany... Behind the simplicity are nuances that excite. Join the kale revolution!

 du Nord - Salt & Vinegar Branches


We started with cocktails and this amazing starter of Salt and Vinegar Branches, the product of some deft foraging. We loved the concept of nibbling on these stems in the vase with a dill cream at the bottom. The World Loves Melbourne enjoys a classic dill cream. 

The Atlantic - Raddicchio Salad


The Raddicchio Salad features fennel, pears and lemon olive oil dressing. This is a simple combination but works perfectly as a complement to fine seafood.