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Three Bags Full - One for The Coffee Master

Three Bags Full is a Melbourne darling and one of our more eminent cafes. The vibe on a pumping Saturday brunch time is fabulous. Its another foodie haven and the coffee is seriously excellent.

 three bags full

Three Bags Full is a cafe on many a Melbourne breakfast champion's lips as a cafe of first choice.

Walk in and immediately fall in love with this place.

Three Bags Full boasts a large open space and boasts natural light. Plenty of tables but often they are packed. Wondered whether the name Three Bags Full had anything to do with it always being packed out. Love the long communal table which people seem to gravitate to.


I should speak about the coffee. These guys are passionate about coffee and provide a great selection. They provide pour over, Clover and single origin offerings. I’m happy to come here just for the coffee and even line up for the privilege. Knowing they use Five Senses is comforting.

This ex warehouse is very cool and features polished floors and exposed brick. This may lend to a noisy room but who cares, I’m into that. Venture outside to enjoy the ambience of the precinct at small tables.

Three Bags Full a great name as one of the best breakfast/brunch places around. These guys cook the eggs perfectly and serve everything on quality bread. Interesting options ranging from killer muesli to the big breakfast to a delightful remoulade. And not forgetting the Veggie breakfast.

Other offerings of great cakes, salads and simple menu options. Love the sense of airiness and bright light on a beautiful sunny Melbourne morning here. Managed to get a window table but oddly I faced the other way, drawn to watching the skilled baristas and coffee devotees before me.

Great stories of people waiting half an hour for a table. It’s not like there’s heaps to do nearby in the neighbourhood of leafy Abbotsford. So good commitment. Tried one Saturday to come with a group last minute, but the estimated wait time was imposing.


Three bags Full is also a great option for breakfast on the way to work in the city. Love the friendly service. Busy, busy, busy – but still attentive and personable staff. When paying or just ordering coffee you're invariably standing in line and eying off their gourmet products to take away.

Three Bags Full is a stellar cafe that continues to shine.