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Truffle Recipe by La Cucina Di Sandra for Damian Pike at Prahran Market

Melbourne is in the grip of truffle season. Last year was big but this year is even bigger. We have access to the truffle recipes prepared by Sandra Del Greco (pictured above) of La Cucina Di Sandra Cooking School in Richmond for Damian Pike the Wild Mushroom Specialist and "truffle king" (pictured below) at Prahran Market. Damian is "the man" when it comes to truffles and is the only stall holder in Prahran Market selling fresh truffles. We learned that Australia is the 4th largest truffle producer in the world. The Melbourne Truffle Festival is a huge success and we at The World Loves Melbourne were privileged to attend a truffle masterclass from Guy Grossi celebrity chef, then the next day take over the Instagram for Prahran Market for the superb Truffle Trail.

Here is the sensational truffle recipe of Truffle Pappardelle with mascarpone cream from Sandra Del Greco of La Cucina Di Sandra Cooking School in Richmond. The World Loves Melbourne recommends you book into one of Sandra's cooking classes with a group - it's a stunning night of a four course meal and class from Sandra who specialises in Italian regional cooking and the recipes of her Zia's kitchen in Italy. Sandra's classes are highly acclaimed, informative and entertaining.

Pappardelle al tartufo e crema di mascarpone

(Truffle Pappardelle with mascarpone cream)


This recipe was developed by La Cucina di Sandra for Damian Pike during the 2015 Truffle Festival held at Prahran Market in June 2015.


Ingredients for 4 people

250 gr of Mascarpone

2 tbs of extra virgin olive oil

A pinch of salt

8 small Italian anchovies in olive oil

1 small garlic clove

350 gr of homemade or store bought egg Pappardelle

40 gr of shaved black truffle, available from Damian Pike at Prahran Market


In a heavy based frypan gently warm the extra virgin oil, add the garlic and allow it to flavor the oil for a few minutes. When the garlic starts changing colour to gold remove it from the pan and dispose of it.

Add the anchovy fillets to the frypan and with the aid of a wooden spoon let them melt in the olive oil. Lower the heat and add the mascarpone (brought to room temperature) and start stirring to incorporate the cheese with the anchovy oil. Continue to stir at very low heat until the cream is fully incorporated.

Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the packet in salted boiling water, when cooked  “al dente” transfer the pasta to the warm pan with the sauce. Stir the pasta with the sauce on very low heat, very gently for at least one minute or two. Allow the pasta to fully blend with the sauce.

Just before serving shave the truffle over the pasta, stir once.

Serve each diner and add a few slices of shaved truffle per person.

We had a fabulous time at Prahran Market for the Truffle Festival with loads of highlights...

Guy Grossi in full flight...

Truffle dogs...

Truffle croquettes at the Prahran Market Truffle Trail were a stunning highlight...