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Mr Scruffs Delivers Burger Joy in Collingwood

Mr Scruffs in Collingwood is a compelling American style venue that surprises, with smart dude food, vibrant spaces, hip hop and soul music, a killer courtyard and bar areas. And it's open till late! The World Loves Melbourne was keen to experience the ambience and to imbibe the legendary Mr Scruffs Beef Burger. Mr Scruffs is in an eclectic (complusory to use the word eclectic when referring to Smith St) part of Melbourne with a stream of colourful passers by and plenty of action.

Walk down the stairs into a world of intimacy and stunning grafitti murals. This space has that feeling of "real Melbourne" in the heart of Collingwood with street art and character filled spaces.

Imbibe under the watchful eye...

Mr Scruffs beckons you into its diverse spaces. You'll be surprised just how back this venue stretches...

Hip Hop and Soul are the order of the day (and night) with DJ's and impressive sound equipment. Relax also during the day and enjoy a burger with friends with background beats. This space doubles as a dance floor.

Check out the attractive booths, artwork and retro stools. This is equally the place to come during the day with its relaxed feel, then pumping at night. It's also the perfect local as an affordable night out.

Mr Scruffs Beef Burger hits the high notes of juicy bliss with seeded brioche style bun, seasoned double patty (we ordered the extra patty), creamy cheddar cheese, crispy bacon (we ordered the bacon as extra), pickles, onion, lettuce and Mr Scruffs special sauce. The pickles and special sauce deliver a delightful tang. The burger just works and is what we desribe as a "burger's burger." We think all burgers should be juicy and there's no excuse for dry. Burgers should come together in a harmony and Mr Scruffs burger is exceptionally well balanced and packed with flavour.

The chips deserve special mention as superbly golden and crisp and delighfully seasoned.

My friends and I commented on the substantial amount of food you receive for your dollar, and that you don't leave Mr Scruffs hungry. We all said we wanted a siesta, and left Mr Scruffs walking slowly.


The menu at Mr Scruffs features affordable street style food such as Nachos, Austin Midnight Sandwich (with beef brisket), Vegetarian Souvlaki, as well as the Beef Burger and the Vegie Pattie Burger. Something for everyone, Mr Scruffs has you covered. It may not be the hub for personal trainers but it delivers what the punters are looking for.

Staff recommended several of the menu items and told us next time we should order the Vegie Pattie Burger and the Poutine Chips (with indulgent cheese gravy and bacon).

Sweet Bites are also compelling with the Doughnut Sandwich and the Salted Caramel Waffle.

We love the specials including the Any Big Bite lunch special of Big Bite item with chips and drink for $15. There's also a popular half price menu Wednesday special and a new burger each week for the "Chewsday" special featuring burger bloggers taking the lead with inventive creations. Drinks include popular beers and cocktails with three versions of the Bloody Mary. Enjoy a drink at several bars, including upstairs.

Mr Scruffs is impressive at every level and a venue you'll want to return to. Highly recommended.


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