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Burch and Purchese - The Marriage of Science and Sweetness

Burch and Purchase is a stunning store on Chapel Street that will excite most visitors. This is the place to take the people you want to impress.

Even for those who aren't sweet tooths Burch and Purchese impresses with its visual appeal and artistic approach to its creations.

Burch and Purchese assaults or even seduces your senses. You find yourself in a kind of fantasy land with treats at every turn, heavy pink of the branding, and then the sea of creativity and colour of the masterful creations. Texture and touch. Taste. The sight spectacular. The sound in many ways comes from the staff who are warm, friendly and engaging.

Straight away you are impacted by the displays. The cabinet sings with the most amazing cakes and desserts. A customer asked "what cake do I have to try before I leave?" A reasonable question but everything looks incredible. The staff replied with a few suggestions but may well have said "you need to try everything." 

Burch and Purchese is simply genius. It's taking a sweet and dessert house to another level. They say it's where science meets sweetness.

The cake list includes such delights as Violet, White Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon and Toasted Pinenut.

Or do you fancy Smoked White Chocolate, Coffee, Aniseed and Lemon Cake? A cake involving chocolate and mandarin caught my eye - not just for the great flavour profile but the visual appeal. So intricate and colourful.

Darren Purchase is a major inspiration as a leading pastry chef not only in Australia, but is recognised globally. Darren hails from the UK and it's great to see him investing his talents here in Melbourne. Having worked in some top restaurants around the world Darren continues to innovate and excite. As he himself says, "expect the unexpected."

To think that all of this is made on site. And not just with 2 or 3 elements - but these small cakes can have 7 or 8 elements.

A consultation area with a flavour wall (above) has been created to help you select your Bespoke Celebration Cake.

There's also a wall of products you will find compelling to take away (guaranteed they won't last long). The salted caramel spread will give any cake that extra decadence. Or grab some chocolate hazelnut spread. 

Then if that's not enough you can order a custom cake. 

Other displays excite such as the sea of lollipops. Resistance seems futile.

Staff are great and enhance the experience with warm, friendly service and great advice and information. They also offer regular tasting of product - I had three tastings during my 20 minutes there.

Upon purchase they slip your treats into a fabulous carry bag that seemed to be just as expensive as the product I purchased. 

An added attraction is to look into the open kitchen where some incredibly talented people are at work.

Burch and Purchese has had a good deal of media and righly so.

Melbourne loves quirky and grungy cafes but also the finery of places like Burch and Purchese.