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Southgate Moveable Feasts: Embark on a Culinary Adventure this Winter


Written by Lil Williams

“You are cordially invited to embark on a culinary adventure!”

Unsure which restaurants are the good ones? Want some variety in your food life? Let one of the guides for the Southgate Moveable Feasts escort you from one spectacular dining experience to another. Running from 14 June to 3 August, the Southgate Moveable Feasts are an event not to be missed. Over ten Southgate restaurants participate in the feast for either a Sunday lunch at 12pm or Monday dinner at 7pm.

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Pure South Dining is all about Australian produce and sources most of their ingredients from Tasmania. With presentation to make Masterchef proud, the House-Smoked Petuna Ocean Trout with beetroot, Thorpe Farm horseradish and foraged herbs is a cold, tasty blend of flavours, with beetroot really shining through.

Pure South Dining called to us on this freezing Monday night and the warm, bright setting is a cheery spot on a dark winter’s night. (Image credit Pure South).

If you’re a fan of the fungi then this one is for you. Springfield Farm Free-Range Venison ‘Teriyaki’ with pickled mushrooms and daikon is another cold dish, with that great mushroom flavour complementing the tender medium rare venison, both sliced so thinly that you’re not overpowered by either flavour.

This hand-dived Sea Urchin, with Jerusalem artichoke royale and native saltbush is the flavour of the ocean swirled into one little natural bowl. It has a strong salt flavour, so if you’re not into seafood, brace yourself. Perfect for those adventurous eaters or seafood lovers.

In a way our selection of entrees at Pure South Dining was like all courses rolled into one with these sweet Tasmanian Black Truffle Donuts with Red Cow Dairy triple cream brie. Breaking through the fried exterior dipped in honey, your teeth sink into soft brie, with the truffles adding their subtle flavour. These delectable spheres work as an entrée or a dessert for people not overly into sweet things.


Waterfront restaurant offers a range of seating from bar stools to booths to indoor and outdoor tables. We were seated out on the deck under the heaters overlooking the sparkling Yarra River.

This Breast of Free-Range Chicken marinated in lemon and herbs, pomme puree and red wine jus is unbelievably tender and complements the juicy beet and perfectly smooth mashed potato.

Waterfront proudly display a lot of their fresh products and have nothing to hide as far as the kitchen’s concerned. The lively, busy atmosphere adds to the feeling that you are among friends, and that you can really trust the kitchen (they wouldn’t be on display if they weren’t experts in their craft!).

The Braised Beef Cheek with pomme puree, baby carrots finished with red wine jus is so tender it falls apart as you touch it with your knife and fork. As it should be, the flavoursome beef is the hero of the dish, well balanced by hearty winter vegetables.

Dessert: THE DECK

This Onetik Bluette Cheese Platter is great for those who would pick savoury over sweet. This strong cheese is surprisingly a chameleon, tasting different depending on what else from the board you pair it with. What a fantastic quality!

The Deck has a cosy setting with warm colours and candlelight. The narrow, peaceful venue also adds to an intimate setting where you could have meaningful conversations over delicious desserts. 

We thought we knew everything there was to know about mousse, thought it was the safe option, but this Hazelnut Mousse with toasted brioche and pear redefined the word for us. A smart person would have savoured every bite. Not me. It was shovelled down in less than a minute and, trust me, the look of it does not do it justice. Will definitely be coming back for more of this one with its hazelnut crunch, soft pear and chewy candied dried apricot.

This is just one of the culinary experiences you can have with Southgate Moveable Feasts so visit and see what food adventure awaits you.



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