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Easey's Creative Space and Killer Burgers

Easey's is a revelation on Easey St Collingwood, with impetus from the famous Jimmy of Jimmy's Burgers, the dude who has spent his recent days just eating burgers. The sheer extent of this burger joint is amazing with multiple floors (like, 5) of burger delight. It has an American street vibe, like Chicago in Collingwood. Moreover the burgers are first class, and the servings substantial across the menu. The World Loves Melbourne visited one Thurday night for a burger fix and we found the place mostly packed. An appealing street vibe with graffiti everywhere, cool spaces on every floor and tunes to imbibe, this place pumps. Easey's is the sort of place I needed when I was a student, with its ambience and mountains of food. After checking out this place we were feeling like going back to study.

Easey's has a talking point of it's upper floor train fit out. Very cool. Plenty of train lovers out there, and the view of Melbourne is spectacular. Says the website, 

"The Hitachi train carriage was a Christmas present to the people of Melbourne in 1972. The Steel trains made in our great city changed the face of commuter transport in Melbourne and started the phase out of the “Blueys” (due to asbestos). They ran in service until April 2014 and were superseded by trains with air con because apparently the good old-fashioned window down was not enough. The Hitachi carries a lot of sentimental value to the graffiti artists of Melbourne. It was the holy grail of trains to pretty up. Our particular carriage 153M (M standing for Motor Car) started service on 9 June 1978 and ran a service coupled with 340D between Pakenham and Dandenong for a number of years before heading into regular service.

We at Easey’s have resurrected the major elements of the original interior but have added a hospitality twist to it. Come in for a ride and see for yourself."

All aboard for great burgers...

Easey's excels with its juicy burgers at affordable prices. We ordered the Melbourne Madness featuring double beef patty, triple American cheddar, bacon, potato cake, dim sim, jalapenos, pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard. This burger was indeed madness, more like a burger tower, and should quench any hunger. We enjoyed the burger as one for the punters, massive and juicy, peaking at carb overdrive. The kick of the jalepenos was perfect against the carb tower. Having a double patty and triple cheese is one thing, but to add a dim sim and potato cake is another. 

My friend Mario ordered the Too Ease featuring double beef patty, double American cheddar, pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard. The verdict was that this was excellent value and was a meal in itself. The Large chips are perfectly crispy and come with chicken salt, as we like it. We were also impressed with the refills on the soda, American style.

It's not all about big massive mother size carb overload, as some of the menu choices include eggplant patty or the vego option of beef patty swapped for a potato cake (ha ha).

We have Jimmy to thank from Jimmy's Burgers, the iconic Melbourne burger identity. Says the website

"Easey’s Burgers was birthed from one man’s mission to consume every burger he possibly can. The man known as Jimmy Burgers has spent the past three years eating burgers everyday. During this time his eaten over 3,000 burgers, released a book ‘The Burger Book – Victoria’ which has sold nearly 10,000 copies; taken social media by storm with a combined network of close to 35,000 and most recently is working on a short film series based on his burger adventures.

Jimmy through all his experience has developed a simple high quality menu, that’s both Easey on your pocket and delicious in your mouth. Easey’s is a consistent product that leaves you with an insatiable desire for more."

Walking back down the stairs helped walk off a slice of the million calories we consumed. We noticed the retro Arcade games machine no doubt playing pakman.

We are also impressed that you can book your table at Easey's and wish a few other burger joints allowed this. Easey's could be categorised as a "must visit" for any serious burger afficiado.

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