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Locavore Cooking School Shines in Lilydale


Locavore Studio is a food hub featuring a stunning cooking school in Lilydale, on the doorstep of the Yarra Valley. Jessie Crossley is a highly talented chef having worked at Ezard, Yarra Valley, London and France. She also worked as Head Chef on Super Yachts with billionaire clientele. Jessie's passion is contagious and she is gifted as owner and the driving force behind the cooking school, with services including classes, bespoke events, Tuesday Foodies group, catering and corporate events. Jessie has a warm and engaging style, the classes are well demonstrated and explained with compelling stories thrown in, and the facilities for cooking top notch. 

Jessie welcomed us with a glass of fine bubbly, before we were given a tour of the impressive facility. 

The array of top class produce from the Yarra Valley Regional Food Group was extraordinary. This consisted of:

Yarra Valley Pasta (Chilli Linguini)
Yarra Valley Dairy (Ashed Goats Cheese)
Flowerdale estate (micro herbs)
Coldstream Brewery (cider and beer)
Kookerberry Farms (Frozen Berries)
Dry Aged Scotch fillet (Gateway Estate)
Strawberry Liqueur (Gateway Estate)
Screaming Waffles (Stroopwaffles for the trifle)
Amazing produce!


The blogger group perched on bright yellow stools as Jessie demonstrated how to cook the dishes for our feast...

Jessie Crossley showed us how to cook Yarra Valley Chilli Linguini with Ashed Goats Cheese, Buxton Trout and capers.

In a large bowl the Trout and ashed goats cheese were pulled apart and the capers chopped; with everything stirred through the pasta. Jessie makes sure the recipes are accessible for the home cook.

Locavore went all out with the table setting. The World Loves Melbourne rates Locavore as one of the most photogenic elegant cooking schools we've seen.

Jessie then showed us how to cook a simple Oregano and Garlic focaccia. The key was in the oil, river salt, oregano, yeast activation and the baking process. It may seem simple but one must avoid cooking for too long and creating dry focaccia.

A highlight of the cooking class was the Gateway Estate Dry Aged Scotch Fillet with Chimichurri salsa. The World Loves Melbourne was given an opportunity to cook the scotch fillet, the idea being the double grill marks aon the steak are perfect.

Jessie showed us how to oil the steak, cook it on the char-grill Pan, and make the Chimmichurri...

This was a fabulous dish, again showing us the best of Yarra Valley produce.

Jessie then showed us how to cook an exquisite dessert of Strawberry and Stroopwafels trifle. Building layers of strawberries, Dutch style Stroopwafels, and custard in a glass jar was theatrical and the dish decadent.

It was then the turn of the bloggers to cook up all the dishes. The World Loves Melbourne is pleased to report the cooking of bloggers was of a high standard. We were impressed by the quality of the cooking facilities at Locavore; modern state of the art equipment.

The World Loves Melbourne teamed up with The Spice Adventuress to cook Gateway Estate scotch fillet like a boss...

Bloggers posed with their dishes (as you do), with Dani from @eatmystreet proudly displaying her Yarra Valley Chilli Linguini with ashed goats cheese, Buxton Trout and capers.

Desserts made by the bloggers were "picture and taste perfect"...

Thanks to Yarra Valley Regional Food Group for the outstanding produce. Cheers to Jessie Crossley and Locavore Cooking School for the brilliant afternoon of fun, cooking, feasting and great company.

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Highly recommended.