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The World Loves Melbourne Finance Services for Clients

The World Loves Melbourne has been successfully assisting clients with PR services, providing marketing, social media and digital content strategies for cafes, restaurants and other entities.

We at The World Loves Melbourne also have a strong financial services

background with over 25 years’ experience and are consulting with Griffin O'Dea Bowler firm.

We have access to current industry analysis. Here are some marketing facts for the food services sector, that every cafe and restaurant in Melbourne should know.

Food Service sector facts

  • Forecasted growth for is 8.5% in the next 5 years
  • Your competitors have a 34.79% cost of goods sold in Melbourne CBD
  • When your sales drop by 14.4%, you start to make losses

The partners and staff of Griffin O’Dea Bowler have had a long and successful history in public accounting business advisory and financial planning. We are a specialist business consultancy firm. Along with Griffin O'Dea Bowler and “The World Loves Melbourne”, we can be “your partner to success”.

One of the several areas we specialise in is the Food Service sector. Our clients are cafe and restaurant owners as well as food retailers.

We understand your business concerns. We can provide you with solutions. These include:

  • How do you fare among your peers and competitors.
  • Tax compliance and avoiding unnecessary ATO scrutiny.
  • Practical steps to improve your profits.
  • Protecting your income and assets.
  • Planning for your retirement and
  • Sound advice delivered in a timely manner.

If you would like to know more, or even just to have a no obligation, free appointment to see how we can help, please visit our website at or call me David Hagger on 0404014479.

Please see what your peers are saying about Griffin O’Dea Bowler on our website.

Warm regards

David Hagger
Manager and Editor
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