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Corporate Team Lunches and Cooking Classes at La Cucina Di Sandra

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Corporates are finding La Cucina Di Sandra Cooking School a lunch and event haven for that special unique foodie experience.

It was laughs aplenty, banter, meeting new people, and a culinary triumph at La Cucina Di Sandra on a Friday afternoon. The World Loves Melbourne enjoyed a sumptuous long lunch at La Cucina Di Sandra with Lime and Tonic's Paul Serra and Nilu Noble, as well as meeting other fine foodies of Melbourne. The attraction for corporates is a bespoke Italian cooking class and superb lunch where you can relax, enjoy and not have to worry about time. For PA's working out their end of year events we highly recommend a booking at La Cucina Di Sandra. Take your team here for team building or your Christmas function. Sandra is a Melbourne personality who provides a unique "product" when it comes to cooking schools.

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La Cucina Di Sandra is an institution in Richmond specialising in regional Italian food. This is authentic Italian from an Italian chef who is passionate about her own region Abruzzo, as well as all that Italy has to offers. Amid rave reviews, the location is itself a slice of Tuscany. La Cucina Di Sandra is housed in a transformed warehouse, complete with chic terrace, high ceilings and raised with an outlook over Richmond.

Having been to many cooking schools in Melbourne we feel La Cucina Di Sandra is unique in it's presentation and intimacy. Sandra is a character who will give you excellent shopping tips as well as her compelling cooking tips. Comprehensive notes and recipes are given to each diner, and all the food is accessible and able to be cooked at home.

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We began our journey with a fabulous dish, the Basil ricotta cream with Calabrese caviar. Sardine baby fish have a delicate flavour; often referred to as the caviar of the South. Creamy ricotta and fish flavours combine beautifully with the crunch of the bread. The colours of the Italian flag represented in this dish are a delightful touch. This recipe is inspired by Calabrian chef Luigi Ferraro.

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A highlight was the Sardine flan; a recipe Sandra enjoyed during a holiday in Trapani. This is a wonderful rustic dish The World Loves Melbourne has not seen the likes of on Melbourne menus.

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Part of the attraction of the culinary sessions at La Cucina Di Sandra is the dining table interludes after each course is demonstrated/cooked.

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Large slices of the Sardine flan graced our plates.

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As we perched on stools at the large kitchen counter, Sandra entertained us with her cooking, instruction, stories and tips.

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The main course was a triumph; Cavatelli Calabrese style, with eggplant, n'duja and peppers cream. Surprising was the element of spice and heat in this Southern Italian dish. So many textures in the dish; from the cream of peppers, to the pasta and enjoyable element of eggplant. The advent of a hot sausage added to the spice and heat. Sandra always cooks the pasta perfectly and her sauces are top notch; if not resonating with the authenticity of regional Italian fare.

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The World Loves Melbourne enjoyed the artistry of the food; rustic colours of the season.

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Dessert was a high note with Sandra's popular Deconstructed Sicilian Cannolo featuring the hit of orange blossom water infused in the ricotta. The Sicilian cannoli broken into irregular pieces was clever, making it accessible as a dish to make at home.

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Sandra is also running a generous Birthday Club on her website. Book your class and receive a free class/meal for the birthday guest!

La Cucina Di Sandra is perfect for corporate functions as a unique and fun offering in Melbourne. Book today