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Drugstore - Best Burgers Where The Meat is King

Drugstore is possibly the home of Melbourne's best burgers. It's an amazing cafe and burger joint on Toorak Road South Yarra. Being a burger junkie and in search of Melbourne's best burger I decided to try Drugstore out.

At Drugstore it's the meat in the burger that is celebrated - with Wagyu all the way. Other burger joints celebrate some other aspects of the burger but to have such high quality meat in the burger is an absolute winner.

As the restaurant is related to the sensational Steer Bar and Grill, one of the best steakhouses in Melbourne, Drugstore is supplied with top grade Wagyu for the burgers. The big deal is the Blackmore wagyu, one of only two venues in Melbourne that supplies this high grade Wagyu.

The key is that the burger meat is cooked to medium and not overcooked. There are plenty of places that overcook a meat patty. At Drugstore the patty is juicy.

The Mr. Mitagi is one of their most popular burgers and is a magnificent burger, with blackmore full blood wagyu, teriyaki, wasabi kewpie daicon and chips. A good size burger and gourmet all the way. 100% wagyu. Intense beef flavour.

Other popular burgers include The Hot Denver and The Classic. All seem to feature a dfferent type of wagyu.

Here's the amazing thing. These Wagyu burgers should be about $30 with substantial amounts of top wagyu. But right now - not sure how long for - the burgers are only $12.50 including a serve of chips. Unbelievable.

The vibe at Drugstore is rock and roll with pop culture look. Impressed with the low ceilings, the funky lamps, the black and white photos, the art work on the walls, and even the water in the red jug.

By day Drugstore is a fine cafe with excellent breakfasts and great coffee. Then it turns into a first class burger joint.

Service is also excellent here. The waitress engaged me and chatted about the product. She gave some great recommendations from the menu. The chef also came out and chatted about the menu and the cooking approach. Then the barista at the front counter was also engaging and upbeat. Went away feeling good about the team here.

Hamburgers that celebrate beef. It's a great thing.