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The Abduction from the Seraglio by Melbourne Opera


Visit Melbourne Opera now for a stunning new performance! The World Loves Melbourne was very kindly invited to the opening night of ‘The Abduction from the Seraglio’, presented by the Melbourne Opera at the Athenaeum Theatre.

The opera was written in German by Mozart in 1782 and was a precursor to his greatest works, and at the time was considered an outstanding success in the genre of Singspiel – a comedic, singing play.

Following their exceptionally successful productions last year, the Melbourne Opera’s excellent rendition is directed by Suzanne Chaundy, and is in English with occasional songs sung in German, playing homage to the Opera’s history.

The production follows, Belmonte, a British aristocrat, played by the brilliant Christopher Lincoln Bogg, and his journey to recover his kidnapped fiancé, Konstanze, acted by the sensational, Lee Abrahmsen.

Konstanze has been kidnapped along with Belmonte’s aid, Pedrillo Peters (Paul Biencourt) and her British PA Blonde (Hannah Dahlenburg) by the mysterious billionaire, Pasha Selim (Nick Pelomis). Although crucially, Pasha’s extravagant palace is guarded by ex militia, Osman (Eddie Muliaumaseali’I).

The operatic comedy is centred around  Belmonte's traumatic journey to rescue his fiancé and their respective aids from Pasha’s exotic lair - and is hilariously captivating.

Paul Biencourt's eccentric role as Pedrillo was a personal favourite of The World Loves Melbourne, his tenor notes and playful antics were a delight to watch and kept the audience laughing throughout.  

Daniel Harvey’s set design is simple, yet incredibly effective, providing a perfect backdrop to the storyline, giving height and depth to the narrative.

The evening’s audience were kept enthralled throughout the production and embraced this slightly softer form of opera.

There is one final production of The Abduction from the Seraglio on the 9 February 2016 and we would definitely recommend a visit before the show departs.

 Visit for more details and ticket information.