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MSMR at the Prince Bandroom

On Friday night The World Loves Melbourne was lucky enough to see critically acclaimed duo MS MR, who took over the Prince Bandroom for one of their Groovin The Moo sideshows. 'MS' (aka vocalist Lizzy Plapinger), and 'MR' (aka producer Max Hershenow) are a New York based American duo whose music has been characterised as alternative rock, dream pop and dark wave. 
On stage they have a chemistry between them like no other, constantly bouncing off each other and often falling into short choreographed dance routines that get screams of delight from the audience. Lizzy is the star of the show and shines quite literally with her glossy latex bodysuit and fiery bright
red hair.
The set list was a mixture of songs from debut-album 'Secondhand Rapture' and the 2015 released 'How Does It Feel', and while it was fun to hear their new stuff, most of the crowd seem to come alive to the tracks that put MS MR on the map. When they cranked out 'Salty Sweet' they didn't even have to ask the crowd to clap along to the breaks.
At the Prince Bandroom on Friday night it was evident that MS MR are a band who love playing together, love the limelight and love their fans.
As they finish their tour with gigs in Brisbane and Perth, there's no doubt the sky's the limit for this dynamic duo.