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Melbourne Underground Cinema - Cinema With A Twist

One of the coolest parties of the summer was last weekend at St Kilda Beach for Underground Cinema. Californian Cool was the vibe and for a moment St Kilda became Venice Beach in the 1970s...

After meeting at Beachcomber Cafe in St Kilda participants were taken to the rooftop for a skate event, a cake fight, then creation of a bean bag mountain... All this followed by the film Lords of Dogtown - looking at surf and skateboard trends in Venice, California in the 1970s.

Launched in 2009, Underground Cinema is a secret immersive film screening event held in secret locations throughout inner Melbourne & Sydney that has catered to over 12,000 patrons. It prides itself in taking cinema out of the cinema.

As the facebook pages says, "Each UGC event is created around the ARTISTIC DIRECTION of a secret film. No one knows WHAT they're going to see until it goes on the screen and no body knows WHERE it is until the last moment. The secret LOCATION is revealed via SMS only days before the event to tix holders. That’s right; you won't know what film you're seeing or where you're seeing it when you book your tickets, that's what we mean by SECRET. What you do get to know is the THEME, the date & time, genre and a suggestion of COSTUME. You will get a lot of CLUES too. So don't worry; we promise you an amazing ADVENTURE that will immerse you in the WORLD OF THE FILM. It's cinema, just not as you know it.'s a secret!"

Californian cool extended to skating...

Check out the website and get your tickets for the next event...
Photos courtesy of Oli Sansom.