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ABSINTHE by Spiegelworld


by Jessica Williams @jsallgoodthings

Absinthe. It’s commonly a green concoction that stories passed down – or prior experience – has taught you to avoid. A popular, emerald drink of the 19th century that was - and still is - known to take over ones faculties, often resulting in hallucinations and dangerous stunts. And now it is also a show in Melbourne. An adult-themed circus originating in Las Vegas, now playing in the Spiegeltent on Crown’s rooftop. A shaken not stirred, no kids allowed mixture of raunch, cabaret, vaudeville and lewd jokes. Absinthe is a confronting and comical exploration of what one can do whilst being under the influence and therefore: invincible.


As the lights go down in the glorious wooden big top, a waiter preparing for yet another monotonous evening of food service appears on stage. Apparently tired of being forced to watch others indulge while he works tirelessly, he takes a gulp of the aforementioned green liquid, and the adventure that is Absinthe, begins. A 360-degree show of extraordinary acrobatics teamed with sordid burlesque, overweight tight rope walkers, flamboyant fire breathers, lesbian performers and the crudest of jokes made by the “well endowed” Gazillionaire and his outspoken sidekick Penny. Absinthe pairs smooth as scotch, technically perfect performances with tequila laced unforgiving comedy not suited to those easily insulted. 


The duo leave no sensitive subject untouched; racism, sexism, sexual preference and of course sex are all bluntly mocked and criticized, leaving crowds torn between laughter and offense. Of course, it wouldn’t be Absinthe without the green fairy making seductive appearances - and shimmying her tasseled breasts - throughout the show.

Absinthe is a magical circus of everything that is wacky, weird and wonderful. Playing in the Spiegeltent at Crown until May 17, 2015, it’s not too late, to step up, knock down a shot and enjoy a risqué evening of insensibility and incredulity. Book now at Ticketek.