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New Melbourne Online Start-Up Boxly Making Inner City Life Easier

The World Loves Melbourne was excited to hear about how the guys at local on-demand storage start-up Boxly are bringing more space into people’s lives and are set to revolutionise the self-storage industry.

Boxly removes all the hassle from storage by picking up and delivering. Users never have to leave their home and only pay for what they use.

Boxly drops off large heavy-duty boxes free, collects them when packed and securely stores them for only $6/box per month. Boxly returns the boxes on demand within 24 hours through an easy-to-use online booking system. Boxly also collects and stores bulky items like archive boxes, skis, luggage and bicycles from just $4/month.

“Revolutionising self-storage, Boxly provides a smarter way to make space in the home as well as in the workplace,” said Boxly co-founder Misha Saul.

“Boxly’s innovative online platform allows users to keep track of their belongings. Users can upload photos and descriptions for each box so they’re always in control,” Mr Saul said.

“Increasingly dense living arrangements and rising property prices in Australian capital cities have made space more scarce and expensive,” he said.

Fellow Boxly co-founder Ronan Fenton said traditional self-storage is an old-fashioned product that involves significant hassle and cost.

Boxly makes storage more available, affordable and easier to use – Boxly is about expanding the market for storage and demonstrating a better way for people to manage the space in their homes and businesses,” Mr Fenton said.

Beverley Scheepers of Home and Life Organising said Boxly is a fantastic new product to be able to offer her clients.

“What’s great about Boxly is that it’s easy to manage your belongings online and they pick up and deliver to your door, so you make space at home while your belongings are always at hand,” Ms Scheepers said.

Boxly was created by the founders after they both shared difficulties in storing their belongings in shared housing.

“We both had snow and camping gear that just took up a lot of space,” Mr Fenton said.

“Neither of us owned a car, so it was a real hassle moving our stuff to and from self-storage units that were too large and too expensive for what we needed,” he said.

Asking their friends, they realised they were not the only ones facing these issues. Realising there was a demand for easier and more affordable storage, they arrived at Boxly.

“We’re very excited and encouraged by the response from our customers around Melbourne, both households and businesses. Through our discussions we’ve discovered even more situations where Boxly is able to provide a smarter solution to everyday space and logistical issues.”


How to use Boxly

People are able to expand their wardrobe, rotate out their winter bedding and clothes and store away belongings they use only intermittently like snow and camping gear, sports equipment and books. When travelling or working interstate or overseas they have an easy way to manage their belongings. Parents can store clothes and toys as they await more children. Boxly looks after the things you love but don’t always need around.

Boxly also solves storage solutions for businesses, allowing them to make best use of their existing workspace and save on logistics and warehousing expenses. Instead of renting warehousing space or crowding the workplace, retailers use Boxly as a virtual warehouse with timely and reliable delivery. Contractors across a range of trades can store their tools and equipment with Boxly to be delivered directly to their next job, saving on vehicle costs and parking. Hosts now have an easy way to store away their personal effects when hosting guests - great for those using AirBnB or other platforms. Boxly tailors its innovative storage and logistics solutions to meet the bespoke needs of its varied business clients.

For more information about Boxly, check out, call 1300 321 788, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About Boxly

Founded in Melbourne in late 2014, Boxly provides an easy-to-use, on-demand pickup and delivery storage solution. Boxly is revolutionising self-storage in major Australian cities, offering a smarter way to make space in the home as well as in the workplace.