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Fashion Trends 2014

We have checked out the forecasted fashion trends for 2014. Melbourne has what it takes as a global city to be right up there in the fashion stakes. These trends are reflected in apparel available in Melbourne's iconic shopping precincts. (home page image courtesy Thomas Walk @WeAreHobo)

Forecasting agency Mpdclick predict that 9-5 wear will borrow its vintage sentiments from the Mediterranean, lending a feminine softness to careerwear that will also extend to daywear more broadly.
"A renaissance of art and culture point to the Mediterranean for exceptional creation and style, visual references from the destination combine with an old-school chic styling ethos for spring / summer 2013."

7 Fashion Trends 2014

1. Bright Colours and Neon

Block colours were a feature at the last Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. We are stepping further into bold colours. In fact an element of neon is in fashion for 2013. You can break away from those Melbourne blacks and greys with an injection of colour. It takes courage but even a splash of colour is a step forward. Bring on cobalt and midnight blue. Floral dresses with belt look will also be fashionable. Wear those bold colour prints!

 2. Long Boots

Boots are still in fashion. And boots are very Melbourne. Knee high boots are still popular. Classic chic of the Equestrian style. Boots combine well with those denim looks and florals. Light dresses contrast well with heavy boots. Riding boots and ankle boots. Black, tan and brown. 

3. Oversized Coats

The oversized coat is proving to be popular coming into 2013. Once again Melbourne is a great city to enjoy your overcoat wardrobe.

4. Leather

Leather and more leather. The great thing about Melbourne is that you get to wear heavier materials because of the cool climate. The leather look is heightened with Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises.

5. Ornate

Ornate designs to include complex patterns and even Baroque influences.

6. Red

A red clothing renaissance. Check out different shades of red. Ruby Reds. Fiery hues. And everything between.

7. Peplums

Straight out of the 1940s Peplums are right back. 

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