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Limedrop Summer Camp


This Summer, designers Clea Garrick of Limedrop and Virginia Martin of búl invite you to visit their temporary campsite where you will find the selections of mens and womenswear, accessories and jewellery that the labels have garnered a loyal following for. 

Recreating the quintessential Australian experience, the designers have spared no cost to create the ultimate, albeit surreal, outdoor experience for adventure seeking fashionistas in Melbourne’s QV. Looking to escape the throng, Christmas travellers will be encouraged to enjoy the plush canvas surroundings or rest their crowd-weary bones in one of the store’s respite areas, including card tables and ubiquitous picnic rugs that will be scattered through the space.

Every Thursday, the store will be converted into a traditional jamboree, allowing shoppers the opportunity to reconnect with their inner Girl Guide/Scout. Under the watchful eye of their Troop leaders, would-be Scouts and Guiders’ will learn a range of essential survival techniques including:

·      Rope tying

·      Archery

·      Three-legged races

·      Twister

Unlike Edwardian times, the sexes can ‘rough and tumble’ together, experiencing the simplicity and camaraderie of a bygone era…button-downs, neckerchiefs and woggles optional! 

The Limedrop / búl Pop up shop is located in Melbourne QV, 10 Albert Coates Lane (next to Incu) and is open until late January 2013.