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Super Glue Opens With G-Star Atelier at Highpoint

In a launch that could turn Australian retailing on its head, the Super Glue store has been launched in Highpoint Shopping Centre Melbourne. Australian fashion has never seen anything quite like this, designed to bring back the "theatre" to retail. At the launch itself the store was packed with shoppers exploring the huge floor space and it's amazing offerings. One of the highlights is the advent of the G-Star Atelier section - giving shoppers the ability to grab themselves custom made jeans...


G-Star introduces the RAW Tailored Atelier, an in-store denim customization service supporting our democratic believe that everybody should be able to create their own personal denim with the best fit and unique detailing. The RAW Tailored Atelier also gives us the opportunity to share our passion for denim with the customer in store and inspire them with our excitement for high-end craftsmanship, detailing and tailoring.


In the RAW Tailored Atelier the clean 3301 five pocket denim is up for customization, the men’s 3301 fit is straight while the women’s version is a slim fit. At the atelier you will be advised by a professional G-Star tailor about the correct width, the length of the denim will be tailored to your preference. You also get the opportunity to personally choose the detailing for your denim like different buttons, rivets and back label. By doing so you can create your personal denim look, whether it’s modern, vintage or anything in between.  Afterwards the denim will be hand-finished based on your personal preferences and send to you in an exclusive RAW Tailored Atelier canvas bag.


The denims in the RAW Tailored Atelier are crafted from Red Listing raw denim.  Raw denim is an exceptional fabric as it will transform and age accordingly to how you wear it, becoming a true record of your life. The G-Star Red Listing denim is woven on vintage shuttle looms. These small looms create irregularities in the fabric, providing your denim with more depth and structure. You can recognize genuine Red Listing denim by the red thread on the inseams.

The RAW Tailored Atelier will be presented in Super Glue Highpoint as of March 14th from 11am to 4pm.

Highpoint has become a serious fashion destination in Melbourne with the launch of a whole new wing...