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Super Glue Brings Theatre Back To Retail Fashion

The Super Glue fashion store recently launched at Highpoint is bringing the "theatre" back to retail fashion. Innovations to the retail experience are designed to get customers off their computers and into the store. In an interview with Hilton Seskin the Chairman of Super Glue it became clear this was no ordinary fashion store and was a game breaker.

According to Hilton Seskin, Australian retail has had it "too good for too long" and needs a "wake up". Hilton sees there is an opportunity to reinvent retail fashion and believes the standard of Melbourne fashion is "up there" in terms of world fashion. He believes Melburnians are ready for Super Glue that brings 3D retail with 5 star service. The store itself is huge at over 1000 square metres.

Super Glue was packed with large crowds at its opening and is creating huge interest. Fashion has always had an embued sense of fun and this sense of fun is magnified at Super Glue. Check out the Atelier section near the front of the store. Here a young tailor is available for you to put together your custom made raw denim jeans. 

Then there's the funky cafe inside the store. Great use of timber and excellent design - a chic cafe in its own right. Amazingly some of the retail staff are trained as baristas! And the coffee is top notch - Five Senses coffee on offer. Reasonable prices to boot. This is a non traditional approach.

Near the cafe is a Listening Station with high end headphones and a music mix that changes every 2 weeks. Also check out the iPads. Too cool.

Or help yourself to the international fashion magazines on the table next to the bike...

Staff are trained stylists and are passionate and motivated. One of my personal gripes with Australian retail is a lack of customer service both in numbers (often hard to find anyone to help you) and passion (hard to find motivated people). Super Glue staff are knowledgeable and engaging.

Super Glue also invests in the community with its support for Young Designers - with competitions and opportunities for emerging designers to feature in Super Glue. There's a compelling relationship with top fashion colleges.

The Super Glue store concept took only 6 months to develop. Several impressive key staff have joined the team, some relocating from interstate, such is the passion.

As for the fashion itself Super Glue brings a great mix of brands including Melbourne based designers Neuw, Nobody and Ziggy's. Denim includes some great international denim with brands like Current Elliot, J Brand, Joes, Paige and AG. As well as vintage brands and exclusive brands like Nude Lucy, Once Were Young, and Ragged Priest. The list goes on - Jac and Jack, Karlos, Blessed are the Meek, Scotch and Soda and Antipodium.

Miss Selfridge is a high end brand that brings high street shopping to the store. Here at Super Glue there is a mix of both "basics" and expensive pieces. Mother and daughter can shop together - no age bracket is excluded. It's all about "anyone who loves fashion."

Even the changerooms are chic with adjustable mirrors and modern furniture.

The World Loves Melbourne agrees Super Glue is revolutionary. Check it out...