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Gatsby Girls - Gatsby and Fashion

Fashion of the 1920s is making a resurgence on the back of the Baz Luhrmann epic The Great Gatsby.
As a student I first read F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic and was enchanted by the style and fashion of the age. The interplay between the character of Gatsby as a shallow corrupted man of few principles in a golden age of style and decadence is a sharp portrayal. And perhaps not without its application today. 
The film epic of The great Gatsby is inspiring audiences across the world and cascading into the world of fashion. Recently I attended a 1920s party in Melbourne with the 1920s styles on parade. Of course there’s Baz Luhrmann’s parade of saturated, hyper-real imagery, but away from that are other artist’s dalliances with the Jazz Age, many of them far more subdued. The current Melbourne International Jazz Festival is a modern interpretation of jazz but also a nod to the golden era of Gatsby.
Clinging beautifully to the dreamy, luxurious and ultimately desirable side of the era is this Gatsby Girls shoot by Daniela Rettore. Every element from the 1920s inspired fashion to the waved flapper hairstyles is steeped in an aura of elegance. And yet, the true marvel of Gioia Carozzi’s styling, is that none of it feels like costume: it’s all perfectly wearable right now. Photos and concept are courtesy of
Photographer: Daniela Rettore @
Fashion Director / Stylist: Gioia Carozzi
Make up: Elena Pivetta using MAC Cosmetics @ Greenapple
Hair by Niky Epifanio @ Aldo Coppola The Agency
For LADIES Magazine.