WINE & WILDLIFE! 🍇🍷🍴Queens Birthday Long Weekend 10-12 June! 💕More than 14,5000 visitors are expected over the Queen's birthday long weekend.👍🏻 A fun event (as we can vouch for) and directly helps save wildlife from extinction and ensure a world full of wildlife for our next generation. #wineandwildlife #yarravalley #healesville #healesvillesanctuary

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Melbourne Fashion for Men


Melbourne is quickly becoming one of the world’s hottest spots for fashions. With top designers and brand names heralding from “the land down under,” there’s a good deal to be excited about. The following are recommended shopping destinations, trending styles, and reasons why Melbourne outranks the rest of Australia’s cities for men’s fashion.

The Best Places to Shop for Men in Melbourne

First off, Melbourne offers several great shopping locations… from malls, to outlet centres, to local markets. The Bourke Street Market provides a great selection of high-end clothing and accessories. The Spencer Outlet Centre, at 201 Spencer St, houses quality men’s fashion brands like Connor, as well as many unisex fashion stores. All are at reasonable prices. Melbourne Central is another great choice. It is an America-type mall that serves as a city centre, complete with a variety of men’s stores and businesses. Collin’s Street is a lavish indoor mall. Swanston Street is a well-kept shopping secret, with its extensive basement shops. Victoria Gardens is another popular indoor mall located on the easterly side of the Central District. And, Chapel Street provides vintage and designer clothing from top Australian fashion-designers.

Designer Fashions in Melbourne

As we move toward warmer months, this year’s fashions combine good looks, wear-ability, with an edgy quality. More emphasis is being placed on fashion that is refined yet attractive. Street styles in a range of colours and designs are popular favourites. Men’s suits are hotter than ever, and range from many hues to monochrome tones. Shirts, jackets, knitwear, pants, jeans, polo shirts, accessories and shoes are designed to take into account the varying Australian climatic conditions and sportswear needs. Clothes are layered, mixed and matched in ways that have never been seen before. And while traditional slim-cut trousers and blazers are top seasonal trends, 2014 has brought back exciting patterns and white suits. Top celebrities are wearing Australian designs, and the designers are taking their collections to shows in London, New York, Asia and Paris. While the emphasis remains on classic good looks, the accent is on the x-factor!



Melbourne - The “Fashion Capital” of Australia

2014 seems to be the year that settles the dispute regarding whether or not Melbourne or Sydney is the “Fashion Capital” of Australia. Melbourne is now recognized by many as “the retail king” within the highly commutative industry. In a recent article in The NEWDAILY, that compares fashions within the cities of Sydney with Melbourne, the director of “The Word Collective,” Joanna Berry states that Melbourne is “without a doubt our nation’s style capital.” She goes on to say that “It’s not just the fast-fashion empires that are drawn to the city,” because “Melbourne’s underground is a breeding ground for creativity, fostering exciting local labels such as Verner, Dress Up, Búl and Kuwaii.”

What’s more, the article continues, due to its more temperate climate, fashion, comfort, exciting colours and patterns…Melbourne naturally lends itself to a greater variety of seasonal clothes, and along with this variety comes the opportunity for some truly awesome Melbourne styles for men!  

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