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My Boutique Experience at Oscar Hunt


Quintessentially Melbourne, Oscar Hunt finds its new home in one of the city's most iconic laneways, Hardware Lane.

Originally occupied in the Nineteenth Century by Kirk's Horse Bazaar, a horse and livery trading centre, Hardware Lane lives on as one of the most-frequented and best-loved destinations in the CBD. The World Loves Melbourne visited Oscar Hunt to receive my final sitting for my bespoke new shirt...



The new grand showroom is situated at Hardware House, Level 3, 43 Hardware Lane, Melbourne. A dedicated tailoring workshop with soaring windows, private fitting rooms, and a luxurious bar lounge area, the expansive space will be housed in one of Melbourne's most historic precincts. I rolled up with high hopes, confident the tailoring of my previous fitting was spot on. I had mentioned to Steve that I was starting out at the gym and my body shape was likely to change for the better over the coming weeks. And so they took this optimism into account...


Oscar Hunt welcomes all new and existing clients to their new showroom to view our recent 2014 Winter Campaign Collection and to enjoy a beverage at the new Oscar Hunt bar. The new showroom exceeded my expectations in terms of space, functionality and style. This is definitely a step up. 


From humble beginnings at The Olsen a few years ago, Oscar Hunt has developed into a sophisticated playful tailor for the discerning gentleman. And noticing that The World Loves Melbourne is discerning when it comes to finery, I was invited to the Oscar Hunt suite to experience the best of Melbourne tailoring.


The Oscar Hunt is experience is firstly playful and enjoyable. (See my previous post). Upon arrival you are offered a single malt. Savour your fine whiskey while pouring over a plethora of swatches that highlight quality materials and colours for your garment. I had chosen a blue patterned shirt with crisp cuffs and interesting collar design.


Ostensibly, the customer is able to choose fabrics, design features, and cover all the bases in constructing 85% of a shirt or suit in the first sitting. A second sitting about 4 weeks later aims at perfection.  For me the second sitting required no further adjustment. I was given the term "walk out" - as I chose to wear my new shirt upon leaving Oscar Hunt.
All fabrics are natural. None of this "polyester blend caper" to be found here.


Space and finery imbue the new showroom...



Oscar Hunt deliver a unique and bespoke experience for your men's fashion needs. I was thrilled with my new shirt. Now they have my measurements on computer I can order more items at any time. With good progress in the gym, there may need to be a subtle adjustment for my next garment. Highly recommended.