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European Cheese Lunch at Spring St Grocer

European Cheeses is showcasing its artisan cheeses and The World Loves Melbourne was invited to an indulgent press lunch at Spring Street Grocer.


Australia has enjoyed camembert and brie for decades but these days consumers are becoming more savvy and are opening up to the wider world of European and French cheeses. European Cheeses together with the support of French sairy Interbranch Organisation CNIEL and the European Union were in Melbourne for key cheese events to inspire Australians in the lead up to Christmas.


The lunch includes European cheese varietals which are new to the Australian market as well as varietals that are not widely known including: 

Brie Ile de France
Origin: Normandy, France
  • NEW to Australia this classic French cheese is a creamy, mild and buttery cows-milk cheese 
  • The Brie Ile de France features a distinctive pale white rind with a creamy heart
Origin: Dordogne, France 
  • A cheese which is not well known in Australia but very popular in Europe, Chaumes is a round, soft-ripened cheese with a bright orange washed rind and a rich, creamy paste and hazelnut aftertaste
  • It takes 15 litres of cow’s milk to make a 2kg wheel of Chaumes cheese 
  • A very popular after-school children’s snack in Europe, Chaumes goes perfectly with figs, raisins and crusty bread

This was pure bliss! So many amazing cheeses for tasting!
European cheese varietals from the various cheese-making regions of Europe are steeped in tradition where artisans have produced authentic cheeses from Camembert to Raclette for centuries, including parmesan and Gorgonzola.
For example in France, or in Italy, there are more than 1,000 cheeses. European cheese makers produce from their own tradition and according to their regional specialty. The ancient practices ensure that the diversity and the quality of the cheeses are conserved for centuries to come in Europe.