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Best Fruit Mince Pies in Melbourne

Best Mince Pies in Melbourne... Time to let out your belt a notch or two. We are looking for proper shortcrust pastry, quality fruit with real citrus hit of the peel, and overall satisfaction including look and design of the mince pies. We hate overcooked filling, overspiced mince pies and hard pastry.

1. Bossy Boots Cafe - Brighton 

Bossy Boots Cafe produces mince tarts that are legendary. They produce these mince pies almost straight after the Spring Racing Carnival by customer demand.

BossyBootsDec 18

Bossy Boots Cafe bakes a mince pie that is full of flavour, with superb pastry that is buttery with a hint of vanilla.

The filling includes top notch fruit and comes with a citrus hit.

BossyBootsDec 4

Bossy Boots Cafe delights in making mince pies that look sensational with star shape pastry, dash of sugar and well rounded. The mince pies are like a mince tart in design.

You can drop by Bossy Boots in Brighton and grab a pack of 6 mince pies to take home; or eat some in the cafe.


2. Phillippa's - various locations 


Phillippa's is a popular destination for mince pies, with several locations avaialble to customers. these mince pies also contain quality fruit and high class pastry. Fine quality fruit with a hint of citrus peel. Great looking!

Says Phillippa's - Our aromatic fruit mince, is made with our unwaxed candied peel, organic Australian vinefruit, and fresh premium spices. 


3. Dench Bakers - Fitzroy North

 Dench Bakers produces mince pies with a hint of spice, with rich fruit in a buttery shortcrust pastry.


4. David Jones Food Hall - Bourke St

 David Jones is always a superb foodie destination for fine foods in its Food Hall. 

5. Burch & Purchese - South Yarra

Darren always produces superb Christmas fare that you buy in store or you can order on-line. The B&P Mince Pies are always a huge hit. We find them an intense and pleasurable experience. Year-long soaked fruit and nut mix topped with an orange Amaretti.

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6. Rustica Sourdough -  Fitzroy


Rustica is a star of the Melbourne bakery scene and their mince pies are no exception. We've enjoyed a tour of their premises previously and seen the mince pies before and after baking. Brandy soaked mince pies have been a hit over the years with fruit soaked in brandy for four months, giving this mince pie an intense flavoursome filling.