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Family Dining in Camberwell: Masak Ku Hits The High Notes

Where to dine in Camberwell? Masak Ku is a popular Malaysian restaurant in Camberwell catering for all tastes. For families it is superb. The restaurant is modern and upmarket, with chandeliers and fine furniture. And the service is top notch with Mary on front of house an engaging host, along with her team. Simon is in the kitchen and is himself engaging. 

Masak Ku means "my cooking" in Malaysian. While it brings a more upmarket style to the table, the food is also homely and accessible, with a broad ranging menu. We have enjoyed three group dinners at Masak Ku and each of them has been outstanding. The feedback from the group every time has been that each dish is well thought out, flavoursome and done extremely well. 

The menu is also designed to be shared, so its perfect for any family or group. Shared dining is part of the authentic Malaysian tradition.

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Both spice and non spice preferences are catered for. Some children enjoy spice but some of the dishes at Masak Ku may be considered more "adult".

Some of us who enjoy a Beef Rendang will appreciate the level of spice this offers.

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The Malaysian style laksa also has a level of spice to be appreciated.

Even the Grilled Pork with Chilli and Lemongrass has a definite heat hit.

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Chilli and Szechuan Pepper Squid is a sensation, spiced and drizzled with chilli oil; for kids maybe ask for less heat in the dish. 

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The shared fish dishes are great for families; such as the Lychee Fish deboned whole barramundi, as well as the Sambal Rainbow Trout (some sambal but not too much heat).

For younger members of the family there are plenty of options.

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Roti is a favourite everywhere, including for the kids. Soft fluffy roti is rewarding for all and Masak Ku delivers.

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Beef ribs are a favourite and so tender!

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Fried duck is a rewarding dish for all; with duck crispy on the outside and juicy within, after having been flash-fried.

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Kelantan Chicken is char grilled and features nuances of coconut milk.

Potato Prawns are a well known dish at Masak Ku with snap-fied prawn wrapped around with long strands of potato. The whole family will love the potato and prawn combination. This is served with green papaya salad and chilli mayonnaise sauce (the kids may want to go easier on the sauce).

MasakKu 38

MasakKu 37

It's also the desserts where families are well catered for. Stunning offerings include the Purple rice with glaced banana, Mango Sago Pudding with pomelo and House made ice cream.

The house made ice cream selection is impressive. For the adventurous there's a Durian flavoured ice cream, as well as flavours such as rich Chocolate and Lychee.

The drinks list is also excellent for families. A strong beer and wine list is on offer. Children may enjoy a Coconut drink for example, or a soft drink.

Parking is always a deal; and parking for Masak Ku is often available along Burke Rd or else in a nearby side street. Get on it!