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MADE by Tobie Puttock brings gourmet food right into your home

The words ‘quality’ and ‘pre-packaged food’ doesn’t often come together in the same sentence; however, Australian chef, Tobie Puttock, has taken on that challenge and created a new range of food products that brings nutrition and delicious meals right to your dinner table.  

Before you raise your eyebrows about the food being in a plastic package, the preparation and research that went into creating the MADE line is extensive. Over the past few years, Puttock and his team (including food scientists) tested and tried different concepts and developed recipes that not only taste good but don’t compromise on quality ingredients. Puttock also brings a wealth of culinary knowledge from many years of experience around the world; however, it is the shores of Lake Como, Italy, were where his passion and inspiration for his Italian culinary endeavours flourished.

 All the food is fully cooked prior to being vacuum-sealed in bags and one of the features of the MADE range is that there are no artificial preservatives. On the flip side, that means it has a shorter shelf-life so it has to be eaten within 30 days.

The World Loves Melbourne was able to attend an intimate tasting of the entire MADE range with Puttock himself. The MADE concept does exactly what it claims – which is to provide an easy dinner alternative to eating out, maintain quality and almost eliminate the preparation and clean up time.


Preparation is simple: fill a pot with water, bring water to a boil, place the packaging in the water for 15 minutes or less and serve. Voilà!

Currently, there are three main meat dishes: braised lamb shanks, braised chicken thigh and chicken cacciatore. These meats are cooked in roasting pans and the bone is left in the meats making them full of flavour and exceptionally tender. 


Braised chicken thigh with grilled lemon, sage and green olives

Chicken cacciatore with pancetta and button mushrooms

You can pair your meats with the selection of side options which include sweet potato mash, real mashed potato, French beans, kale with mustard and capers and Manuka honey carrots.


Sweet potato mash with maple syrup and nutmeg


Manuka honey carrots with thyme and white balsamic

There is something for everyone as the entire range is gluten free and select items are dairy free, nut free and vegan. Plus some of the items, including the kale with mustard caper, are something that could be eaten cold. If you’re a person with a busy schedule the MADE range is a great alterative to eating out or getting that late-night pizza that you’ll regret in the morning.

The main dishes are priced at $12.95 and side dishes at $5.95. The MADE by Tobie Puttock range is available in select retailers and independent grocers around Melbourne. Visit for the full stock list.