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Mr Ramen San Launches Tsukemen and Black Tonkotsu

MrRamenSanNov 6

Mr Ramen San in Mid City Centre CBD, a leading ramen house in Melbourne, has launched its anticipated Tsukemen "dipping" ramen, with ramen lovers excited. Already there are plenty of comments and pics on social media acclaiming the tsukemen ramen. Customers are loving the yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) flavour. The World Loves Melbourne is predicting the "summer of Tsukemen"! Also check out our Best Ramen in Melbourne.

So what's the difference between typical ramen and tsukemen? Tsukemen has the ramen in a separate bowl (obviously ramen has all the ingredients and broth in the one bowl). Take a few of the noodles with your chopsticks and dip them into the tasty intense broth.

The tsukemen broth is a denser broth than most ramen. The noodles and the broth complement each other. And superb with Japanese beers on offer at Mr Ramen San!


MrRamenSanNov 15 

The World Loves Melbourne loved the intense Tsukemen broth and the different style of ramen noodles.

It's hard not to slurp when eating Tsukemen and we found ourselves doing exactly that. In Japan slurping ramen is acceptable.

Tsukemen is a perfect dish for summer, on those sweltering days. (Mr Ramen San also has a Summer Salad Ramen served cold that is unique to Melbourne).

Roystan the Owner and Head Chef brings the influences of Kyushu, a charming southern precinct of Japan to Melbourne. (The Kyushu style is about pork bones in white broth, signature at Mr Ramen San.)

Mr Ramen San delights with a Japanese greeting as you enter, making customers feel welcome from the start. Mr Ramen San boasts several points of difference to the usual ramen scenario. For a start they serve up fresh house made Japanese style noodles daily; for ramen enthusiasts you can tell the quality of noodles and it makes a big difference.

Not only that but unlike other ramen houses, Mr Ramen San will provide you with FREE extra noodles on request! The serves of noodles in the dishes are generous enough as it is; so extra noodles for free is a great innovation for hungry customers!

Also launched at Mr Ramen San is Black tonkotsu ramen. Of course Mr Ramen San is known for its traditional cloudy white broth Charsu tonkotsu ramen; but the black tonkotsu has a completely different flavour infused with black sesame nuances. The World Loves Melbourne loved the interplay between the fresh noodles at Mr Ramen San and the steaming black tonkotsu broth. (We just enjoyed the black broth and noodles together without the rest of the dish).

Compare to the white cloudiness of Mr Ramen San's acclaimed Charsu tonkotsu ramen...

 Come in for a visit and check out the Tsukemen and the Black tonkotsu ramen!