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New Anchor Cream range perfect for Home Made Apple Pie

The World Loves Melbourne loves decent cream for our recipes and we are highly impressed with the new Anchor cream range. For a start we like to support the local, and the new Anchor Cream range is made with 100% Australian dairy.

We were invited to check out the new Anchor Cream range, putting it to the test with our favourite home made apple pie recipe.

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Anchor.

The World Loves Melbourne loves a thick and hearty apple pie with a touch of sweetness (not too much sugar) and a perfectly baked shortcrust filled with real Aussie chunky fruit. Vital is the quality of the cream which we love to pour over the apple pie in generous portion.

We find ourselves in the supermarket sometimes checking out all the cream options, trying to assess what is best for our dining needs. Not all creams are the same we have discovered.

The World Loves Melbourne can taste quality cream from the mediocre. The cream should complement and add to the taste of the apple pie, not just be a token ingredient. Anchor uses only the best Australian Dairy from 34 dairy farms in Victoria to produce only the best quality cream.

We also want versatility with cream, as while we love the full cream option, some guests at our dinner party prefer a low fat light option. Why not have both available?

What we really loved is that the new Anchor Cream range is designed with foodies and cooks in mind! 

The Anchor Cream range boasts the following innovative features:

  • Measurement markers on the side of the bottle (as seen on butter packaging), the markers ensure precise pouring and easy measurement,
  • For added convenience, screw top lids allow for safe storage in the fridge and will eliminate those messy drips and leaks,
  • The measure of perfection doesn’t stop there - Anchor Cream’s bottles are also unique in size, with exact one (250mL) and two cup (500mL) size products to make following a recipe hassle free.

Seriously, these innovations are great for foodies! We hate messy drips and leaks from cream (can be embarrassing with guests); a screw top lid is awesome. Measurement markers just make things easier for recipes; sure we can use our kitchen measuring devices but hey why not make it easy. And having the different size products is handy. 

Back to the apple pie. So we bake the shortcrust base until perfectly cooked and golden (don't burn this!).

Then we added the Aussie fruit in generous portion. We were making a huge pie for 9 people so we needed loads of chunky apple fruit. If you can source fresh Australian apples, that is best, otherwise use tins of quality fruit, all available at Woolworths.

We also love to sprinkle cinnamon across the fruit before we put the pastry top on the pie. We then add sheets of shortcrust pastry to make the top of the pie. Then bake in the oven.

Serve with Anchor cream; in our case we used the Pure and Thickened products. The 9 of us loved our home made apple pie and the Anchor cream as the perfect accompaniment.

Great cooking starts with great ingredients. The new Anchor Cream range contains Pure, Thickened and Light Thickened Cream to suit every culinary occasion. Whip, cook or pour and enjoy the taste of beautiful cream.

The Anchor Cream range is available nationally from Woolworths supermarkets in 250mL and 500mL bottles. (The Anchor Cream range features unique one and two cup size bottles with measurement markers to ensure precise pouring).

Get on it!