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Best Milkshakes in Melbourne

Best milkshakes in Melbourne features innovative milkshakes that include cupcakes, chocolate bars, alcohol and a myriad of flavours. One of the best things to do in Melbourne is to enjoy relaxed dining with a dose of ostalgia; and there are some imaginative milkshake offerings in Melbourne.


Grand Trailer Park - Spiked Milkshakes

Some of Melbourne's best spiked shakes are at Grand Trailer Park Taverna. Makers Mark Bourbon, Salted Caramel, Maple Bacon was calling our name; and we haven't stopped raving since about the hit of bourbon complementing excellent salted caramel. The maple bacon adds extra decadence.

Three One 2 One - Freak Shakes

ThreeOne2One 10 

ThreeOne2One 20

Three One 2 One in Richmond has wowed diners with its creative fresh shakes. Of course they have "normal" milkshakes on th emenu, but the fresk shakes steal the show. These are like a meal in themselves! In fact you had order one between two people as we did, lest we don't finish our burgers. Not just a gimmick, these are tasty well contructed creative shakes.

Tuck Shop Takeaway - Salted Fantale

Tuck Shop Takeaway is brilliant at every level; including this nostalgic Fantale shake in old school milk bottle with nice touch of wrapper on top.

One Plus Piece - Cupcake Shake


One Plus Piece has several compelling shakes; including the Cupcake Shake using the cupcake of the day. Clever idea and brilliantly executed.

Rubiki - Choc malt shake

Rubiki serves up decent shakes; these are popular with kids, served in a jar.

Candied Bakery - Apple Pie Shake


Candied Bakery Apple Pie shakes are legendary and a must order in Melbourne.

Naked Burger - House Made Salted Caramel

Hard to knock back Salted Caramel in anything; but especially when the flavours are deliciously house made. 

YOMG Glen Waverley - Oreo Ripple Shake

Decadent and rich, it's hard to put this shake down. We like our shakes thick, and this is super thick. You can see the ripple of Oreo in the pic above. We recommend stirring it up otherwise you're left with an Oreo layer on the bottom. So good!